Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Final Sleepover

A couple weekends ago, Brianna, Sylvie, and I had our final sleepover
before I leave for the islands. It was definitely the most fun
sleepover I have ever had in my whole life. It started at my Nonna's
On Saturday morning at around 11:00, Brianna and Sylvie were both
dropped off at my Nonna's house to go swimming at her pool for a
while. This worked out very well because I had slept over her house
the night before and it was closer than my house so it didn't take as
long for Sylvie and Brianna to get there. After swimming and going
down the water slide about a million times (not really, but close!) we
decided to eat lunch. After a really good lunch of hotdogs, goldfish,
and lemonade Momma took all of us back to our house. Once we got to
our house Cole, Brianna, Sylvie and I all built a fort in our rooms.
Then we made up a game where the one team had to get the other teams
flag from their fort. It was unfair because it was three 10 or 12 year
olds against one 9 year old. We played three times and my team won
every time. For the last game we let Cole just go upstairs and find
our flag while we sat in the basement doing jump rope. We knew the
games were over when Mommy and Daddy called us up to have dinner.
After dinner the three of us went upstairs and played my new DS game
that Brianna hot me for my birthday, and took a bunch of pictures to
put in the picture book Sylvie gave me. At around 9:30 we went to bed.
We had so much fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Second Adventure to New York

Last Wednesday was my last day of school. We had a half day so Mommy
took me to New York again to see another ABT show (this had already
been planed). The show was amazing! After the show we went to my
aunts' house. When we got there it was really late so I went right to
bed. But the next morning I met my seven month old cousin, Finn. He
was really mellow. I got to feed him his bottle when he woke up, and I
played with him for a while. We all ate breakfast on the roof/deck and
I met Finns' babysitter, Emma. She was really nice. After breakfast my
Mom and I went back home on the train, so that I could get to my hip-
hop class.I am so glad that I finally got to meet Finn!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Awesome Saturday

Last Saturday was so much fun! On Friday one of my best friends from
school, Lucy, came over my house for a sleepover. The next day at
around 10 am we went to my Nonna's (aka my Grandma) house to go
swimming. My brother had been at his friends house so he met us at the
pool. The four of us (me, Lucy, Cole, and Thomas) were playing on the
slide that goes into the pool for about two hours. After dropping Lucy
and Thomas off at their houses my family and I went to my dad's
friends house for a barbecue/party in Boston. When we got there the
first thing I saw was a huge climbing wall. There were three sides. I
climbed the wall about 15 times. It was so much fun. The food was also
really good. There was a caterer cooking all different greek foods. We
left at around 8:30, and got home at 9:45. On the way home we got some
ice cream. Saturday was so much fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Ultimate Sleepover

On Friday, May 23, I had the most awesome sleepover ever with Brianna
and Sylvie. After dance class Brianna's dad picked up Sylvie, Brianna,
and me and we went back to Brianna's house. After dinner we watched
the Simpsons Movie and fell asleep at around 1:00 am. When we woke up
on Saturday Brianna opened her birthday gifts and put some makeup on
me and Sylvie from Sylvies' gift. After breakfast we headed out to
this place called Monster Golf. It was a really cool mini golf place,
except it was indoors and had black lights. Around the place where you
hit the ball was all sorts of little tricks. One of them I stood right
next to. It was a trash can with a person sized "rat" inside of it.
Every once in a while the tail would jerk around and make a lot of
noise. I was next to it when it moved and it scared me so bad I
screamed. For lunch we went to a place with extremely good chocolate
moose. Once we got our lemons in our water Brianna came up with a
challenge. The challenge was to put hot pepper flakes and sugar on our
lemons and see who could eat the whole thing first. Sylvie and I ate
ours down to the rind but Brianna took a couple bites and put the
lemon down. I had the best time.
The Great Challenge: If you are brave enough I challenge to put hot
pepper flakes and sugar on a lemon and see how much of it you can eat!