Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Time Ever Seeing An ABT Performance

Last Wednesday I went to New York City to see the most beautiful
performance by the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). It was called Le
Corsaire. It was about some pirates who traveled to Turkey. They then
came across some slave girls. The first mate bought a slave girl and
so did the captain. The captain's slave was so beautiful that the
first mate fought him for her. Throughout the story many crazy things
happened. For example, the pasha had a dream about all his wives. It
was really funny. At the end the captain and his slave girl fell in
love, went to sail away on his ship only to encounter a storm which
sunk the ship, and only they lived. The show ended at around 10:15
p.m., so we went right back to our hotel. My mom and I talked for a
while and at around midnight my dad got to the hotel, and we all went
to bed. The next day Mommy and I went back home on the train, and I
did all the work I had missed in school that day. After picking Cole
up at school we went home to rest before my hip-hop class. The picture
is in front of the biggest theater I have ever seen.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everybody! Today we got the coolest thing shipped
to our house. It was a basket type thing of fruit, except it looked
like flowers. There was strawberries, apples and bananas covered in
chocolate. Also there was pieces of pineapple shaped like the outside
of a flower, and a piece of mellon for the center. I had some apples
and bananas from it for breakfast. Cole and I tried to surprise Mommy
by making her breakfast, but she just walked right into the up to the
table, so it didn't really work. Right now Daddy is trying to change
the roof to our Jeep. Later on we are going to the Golf Club where my
Papaji used to play for a dinner/lunch meal. I will get to see my
Nonna, and Nanna that I haven't seen in a while. I'm really excited.
Even though I have to wear a dress, it will be so much fun. This year
I won't get to see my littlest cousins, because they moved to Florida.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To The Stage, with Brianna and Sylvie

Last Saturday I went to the PPAC theater with my really close friends
from dance, Brianna and Sylvie. We saw a production called "Addy an
American Girl story". It was about a girl who was black and traveled
on the Underground Railroad. When we got there we sat right down in
our seats, and waited about five minutes for the show to start. During
intermission we got some snacks. While eating we were thinking that it
felt so weird watching a show from the audience. Since the three of us
are dancers we are on stage a lot and just participated in the
performance Swan Lake. After the show we went to a really good
restaurant and had a great dinner. My parents and brother arrived
while we were eating a huge dessert.We got home at around 11:30 at
night, but that's okay, it was really fun.