Monday, July 28, 2008

Hell's Gate, Hiking and Snorkeling

Today we went to this other island with lots of really loud birds. I have no
clue what the island is called, but it is 45 minutes away from Long Island
(where we just were). There is no people on the island since it is so small.
There is also two super tiny islands right next to it. Also, the water here
is really clear and you can see the bottom in 13 feet of water.

After we anchored we went in on the dingy to this little island
called Hell's Gate. When you first look at it, it looks really scary with
jagged rocks. Mommy, Cole and I ended up climbing to the bridge type thing.
We had to climb through a hole that had a snake type animal living in it. I
luckily did not see it, but Cole and Mommy did. While we walked to the rock
bridge you had to step on grass, and it looked like you were going to fall
through. Going down was also pretty scary, but we got to walk through water
to get to the dingy where Daddy was taking pictures. It was so cool.

Next we went the island we anchored in front of to hike. When we
got to the beach Mommy realized that her camera had run out of battery, so
Daddy had to go back to the boat while Cole, Mommy and I stayed at the beach
and swam. When Daddy came back we started our hike up a little path. It
didn't take long to get the top. Once there we saw two huge blow holes. I
really liked looking down into them and see the water splashing around in
the bottom. The trail went farther so we kept going and saw the other side
of the island. Then we went back down to go snorkeling.

As soon as we got back to the beach Cole and I took off our
shoes and sunglasses and replaced them with flippers and masks. We swam
around and waited for Mommy and Daddy to get their stuff on and then we
started to swim towards the reef. Their wasn't tons of fish but we did see
some. Daddy swam up to this one fish and stuck his hand out and the fish
moved back. When he took his hand away the fish came closer. Daddy did this
for a little while to make Cole and I laugh. It was really funny. On some
parts you had to wait for a wave to come and carry you over the coral
because it was so high.

Finally we swam back to the dingy. We went back to the boat to
rinse off and now we are motoring back to Long Island so we can go to dinner
their. I'm going to go sit on the trampoline. Bye!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Driving Adventure

Before I get to the story, I want to tell you something really cool. Two nights ago I saw a shooting star! It was so cool. It was the first shooting star I have ever seen. Anyways, here is the story.
 A couple days ago we decided to go to this place called Devils' Bridge. Just the name told me things were going to get bumpy. Well they did, literally.

Since everything is backwards when you drive (where you sit to drive and what side of the road you drive on) it already scared me to drive across the whole island. Anyways, Mommy got a map so we knew how to get there and then we set off on our mission.

First we had to go to a friends' new house so that Mommy could see it then we started heading for Devils' Bridge. We were on a road that lead to the road that took us to the bridge when we took missed the turn. We ended up at a beach and had to turn around. After going up and down the road a couple of times we decided on one road we thought was right. It was a dirt road with lots of rocks in it. When we got to this one part that looked like it went straight and completely down, Cole and I both said we should turn around and go back. But no, why listen to the kids and turn around? Of course we had to keep going. We then came to a really tall and steep hill. Cole and I said "turn around please!" but no, we had to keep going. When we got to the top of the hill there was a huge cliff. There was a really nice view but it was really scary looking over the side of the cliff. We had to avoid a bunch of goats while we tried to turn around. When we got down the hill Cole and looked out our windows again, since we decided not to while going down. After we got down the hill we went down a different road that looked more promising than the last, it was. We actually got there that time.

The bridge was so cool. It was made completely by erosion from the waves. When you walked across it you had to be careful though because it was really slippery from all the water. Mommy and I took lots of pictures. When you looked of the bridge into the water you could see the different layers of rocks on the wall next to the bridge. We had so much fun.

            For dinner we went to this resort called the Verandah, but that is a whole other adventure.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hurt Go Happy

Go Happy
My favorite part in the book Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby was when
she meets a chimpanzee that uses American Sign Language.
Joey Willis is a 13 year old girl. When she was six her father
attacked her and caused her to be deaf. After that Joey and her mother
moved away from him, so that they could be safe. Since then Joey's
mother has forced her to read lips instead of use sign language.
One day when Joey was out mushroom picking for her mother, she bumps
into an old man named Charlie. After he realizes she is deaf he takes
her back to his house. There Joey met his pet chimpanzee Sukari.
Charlie explained to Joey that he had taught Sukari sign language and
was willing to teach her as well. Against her mothers' wishes she
started going to Charlie's house as much as she could to learn sign
language. After the birthday party that Charlie threw for Sukari and
Joey, her mother finally gave in and let her use the scholarship fund
Charlie had set up for a school for the deaf.
Joey woke up one morning to an earthquake. As the family met up in
the cition Sukari suddenly jumped through the door and was signing for
Joey to come. Unfortunately, Charlie died in the earthquake and Sukari
had to be sent to live with his niece Lynn. Life with Lynn didn't last
long for Sukari and she was sent of to a zoo. Joey's mother called her
one day while she was in school to tell her what happened to Sukari.
Eventually Joey met a person who could help her save Sukari. In the
end Joey gets to save Sukari so that she can live with other
I really liked the book Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby because she
never gave up on anything even though she is deaf.
Cameron Burgess

A Cool Moonlight - my first Zen book report

Cool Moonlight
My favorite part in the book A Cool Moonlight by Angela Johnson was
when she was surrounded by hundreds of fireflies at her ninth birthday
Lila is an eight year old girl who was born with a severe allergy to
sunlight. Their house has tinted windows that aren't allowed to be
opened at all during the day. All shopping is done in the night as
well as any play dates Lila might want to do. Her older sister, Monk,
always drives Lila to the city to see Monks' friends at Lila's
favorite cafe.
Since Lila does homeschooling she only has one actual friend. She
knows two angel type girls who only she can see. Allysa and Elizabeth
try and help Lila be able to go out in the sun by giving her a "sun
bag". The sun bag is a bag where they choose a bunch of things that
remind them of the sun and put them in. It was supposed to make her
allergy go away when she put the bag on with all the stuff in it. Lila
soon found out that it was impossible for that to happen.
If you find angel type girls, a girl allergic to sunlight and
something called a sun bag interesting, A Cool Moonlight by Angela
Johnson is the book for you.
Cameron Burgess

Friday, July 18, 2008

My new look

Today I decided to cut my hair. Since there is no hairdresser that we are familiar with in Antigua, I asked my mom if she could cut it for me. She said, "Sure, let's do it right now." So, we went onto the dock to cut it. We ended up having to go behind a shack on the dock to hide from all the wind. I cut it because it was sticking to my back and that really bugs me. I love the way it looks!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Barkmans-Last 5 Days

I told you I would right about the last 4 days so here it is. Day 6:
We didn't do much except for go to the Dunn's house that evening for
dinner. It was so much fun playing in their pool. Day 7: This was
deffinitly my favorite day. Around noon Katherine, me, Darlene, and
Mommy got in the car and started driving to New Haven. Once at New
Haven we got on a train and started going to New York City. Our
original plan was to get to New York, see a American Ballet Theatre
(ABT) performance and than leaving right after. Luckily, we made the
early train, so we were able to go to the American Girl Place for a
while. While we were there we got Lauren, Katherine's little sister, a
birthday gift. When dinner time rolled around we decided to go to the
American Girl Cafe. After dinner we walked all the way to Lincoln
Center to see the performance. Since we only had two tickets,
Katherine and I went while the mommys went to a fondue place for
dinner. That night we left and got home at around three AM. We had so
much fun. Day 8: We went to the circus with Nonna that day. It was so
much fun. We met up with Nonna, Auntie Dana, Giordan, and Sophia in a
parking lot so that we could carpool to the circus. Giordan and Sophia
are my two little cousins. At intermission Cole and Lauren had to be
picked up by the mommys so that Cole could get to his karate class in
time. Nonna drove Katherine and I home. The circus was awesome! Day 9:
On Friday Miss Erica ,my babysitter, took Katherine and I to get our
nails done for my birthday. After that we went back to the house to
get our bathing suits and we went to the beach. We had so much fun
boogie boarding! Day 10: They left at nine AM that morning we were all
very sad.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Barkmans-first 5 days

On July 3rd my best friend Katherine and her family came from
Pennsylvania to stay at our house for 9 days. This is our jam packed
schedule. Day 1: After an awesome day at sailing camp we went home to
wait for them to come. They arrived around midnight and so Katherine
and I stayed up until 1:00 AM talking. Day 2: We went to the beach
with hopes to go swimming and windsurfing. Once we got there we say
about 12 pink foot wide jelly fish just lying on the beach, so we
decided to go home. After lunch me, Cole,Thomas,Cole's best friend,
Katherine, Daddy and Pete, Katherine's dad, went to see the movie
Hancock. It was really funny. Before dinner one of Mommy's friends
came with her family. The kids names' are Juliana and Blaire (I don't
know if I spelled that right). Day 3: My Birthday! For my birthday
gift Mommy and Darlene, Katherine's Mom, took Katherine and me
shopping to get 2 or 3 identical outfits so that while I am on my trip
we can look the same in different places on the earth and think of
eachother for the whole day. My favorite one was the yellow polka dot
tankini we got. After dinner we got to go out to frosty freez, an
awesome ice cream place. Day 4: The Big Party. As soon as we woke up
Daddy told all 4 kids to help clean out the garage. After breakfast
around 9:00 the people bringing the big blow up slides came, and at
9:30 we were playing on the most awesome water-slide I have ever been
on that was blown up. At 12:00 guests started to come. Sometime after
lunch channel 10 news came to our house to interview me, Cole, my mom
and dad. It was so cool. We were on the news at 6:00. Everyone was
gone by 8:30. After dinner the kids pulled the adults on the water
slide. We had so much fun. Day 5: We didn't really do much that day.
It was our only somewhat relaxing day. Except for making a dance store
with Katherine, and pretending that costumers were coming to buy stuff
at our store. My hands are tired of typing, so I'll tell you about the
last 4 days later.