Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Introducing Cammi's Blog

This is the first posting for Cammi's blog.  It's all about an 11 yr old sailing on a catamaran from Rhode Island USA to New Zealand and Australia via the Panama Canal in 2008/2009.  Stay tuned for all adventures.


Thomas said...

Very nice blog Cammo. Daddy

The Barkman's said...


Can't wait to keep up with your adventures. Love, love, love the picture! Miss you.

Love- Lolly

Samiam said...

Hi, my name is Moriah and I live in Naples, FL, next door to Lorie Sardelli (a Rhode Island friend of your parents). She told me about your website and I wanted to check it out since I am homeschooled and like to sail optis. I race in regattas around Florida. We use Sonlight curriculum and Math-U-See. I look forward to reading about all your adventures.

Sylv! said...

Hey cami, I love your blog! I cant wait to see more!

Emma said...

Hi Cammi! Love your blog! E-mail me at sweet22pea@gmail.com! What's your E-mail address? I guess I'll find out when you E-mail me! Tomorrow I'm leaving for my grandparents' boat at Shelter Island, N.Y. I can't wait! I'm going for a week with my family! Have a great 4th!


Emma said...

Hi, Cammi!

Please go to my website at www.freewebs.com/sweetpea09. Hope you like it!


Adrienne West said...

Hi Cammi! I've been reading about yor upcoming cruise, and I am super excited for you! Are you nervous? Probably not though, huh? You've been doing this a while now I'll bet. :D

Bon Voyage!

Adrienne West