Saturday, January 17, 2009

Buenas Puerto Rico!

Sorry I haven't written a blog in so long! We have been doing lots of traveling in January and it's still not over! Well, right now we are in the Orlando airport waiting to check our bags so that we can get on our flight back to Panama. Anyways, we left Panama on January 2nd, and took a flight to Orlando. We had to fly to Florida because it was cheaper than a one way flight, and it worked out really well since we got to meet up with our aunt, uncle, cousins, Nonna, Nanna, Grandma, and Harley! When we landed at 5 past midnight we went down the escalator to find Nonna waiting for us. We were so happy and there was lots of hugs. She informed us that Unkie, Auntie Dana, Sophia, and Giordan had just left a couple minutes ago since the kids were sick and tired. "Hmmm, this could be a problem" we thought. Because we would be seeing Lauren really soon we were being extra careful not to get any type of cold. Anyways, since we were also tired and wanted to go to bed, so we hopped in Nonna´s car and started the drive to her house. On our way there we passed a Mc´Donalds. Before I knew it we were all munching on french fries. Once we got to the house we all ran around hugging everybody. I was so happy to see everyone, especially Harley. Since Grandma had the pink room and Mommy and Daddy were in the elephant one Cole and I slept with Nonna. After two days of family, presents and tons of fun, we were off to Puerto Rico to meet the Barkmans. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by Kakky and Darlene. Since we had just been through the airport we took quick showers, and changed clothes before seeing Lolly and Pete so that we were sure that we couldn´t get Lolly sick. Everyone was so happy and we went right to the restaurant and then to the pool. The pool was really huge and had raft things that you could float on. We played for the rest of the day and after a restaurant for dinner, we all jumped in bed (since we can´t be apart for more than three seconds, Kak and I slept in one room and Cole and Lolly got the other.). If I went through our days one by one, the blog would last for ever so I´ll explain the highlights. One really fun thing we did was go to the water park down the mountain. There was three slides and a lazy river one was a curvy slide that you lied down on, the other was a swirvy tube slide and the third was a slide that basically went straight down. They were all so much fun and we spent one whole day at the water park one time. One funny thing that happened was we were all going through the lazy river when we spotted an iguana jump in the river and then back out. We all freaked out and Lolly automatically stuck her self on to me while I tried to get passed it as quick as possible. We also went to a little island called Palomino Island for a little while. I didn´t really like it there since there was so many wasps and all the activities cost so much. We did do the banana tube ride though, and it was really fun. Kak and I sat in the two back seats while Lolly and Cole sat in the front ones. One time when he whipped us, since I was in the very back, I fell off the tube and went flying into the water! Also, Kak was hanging off the side and screaming ¨We lost a chicken, we lost a chicken!¨ It was hysterical and we all laughed about once we got off the tube. Since this trip was all work for Pete, he didn´t do much with us until the last day but he was the MC for the awards ceremony for Certa Pro, and we all got to go. Some of it was really boring but Pete was really funny and everybody laughed. We had planned to do flashlight tag after the ceremony, but we were all too tired so we just watched the movie Meet Dave (which is really funny) and went to bed. Another Certa activity was the Certalympics. It was when a team of Certa guys had to build a raft out of the given materials and go around the mark and back twice without sinking. Since Pete was working, Daddy took his place in the race. It was so funny to watch them all fall apart and sink while they all looked so serious, but the got fourth place out of ten teams. Oh yeah, there´s more about the big slide. As soon as we got to the park Daddy just jumped in the slide and went with Cole, and later Kak then me and finally Lolly. Not so great right? The funny part is that the only reason Lolly didn´t go down first was because she wasn´t allowed to. As soon as the people finally let her go down she didn´t even think twice (unlike me who thought about five times) and just went straight down and then up and down about five more times. I loved Puerto Rico! Now we are in Costa Rica which is just so amazing. I will wright a blog about it later, but now we are going into the little town to walk and have dinner, bye!



Anonymous said...

Wow! that blog was longer than I thought! Schmeesh!
from cam
Rick did I spell schmeesh right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Camo,
Just got a chance to read this blog. So glad you all had a wonderful time with the Barkmans in Puerto Rico. Hoping to watch you go through the Canal via its web cam on Thursday night with Grandma. I am here visiting with her on the West Coast of Florda. I gave Harley a hug and kiss for you. She looks great, as does Grandma.
Hugs and kisses to the rest of the Zen crew and save one big one for yourself. I am wearing the anklet that you made for me and it will not come off until you take it off when you return home.