Monday, March 23, 2009


So we have finally gotten ashore and seen a bunch of really cool things!
One thing we discovered was that all of the girls wear white flowers in
their hair. The flowers are really beautiful and you can just walk up the
street and pick one off the tree! There are pink, red, white and yellow
flowers all over the place. If you put your flower on the right of your
head, that means you are married, and the left means that you aren't. This
morning Mommy and I picked our own flowers today.
Also, our friends on Carl Linne (who are also here) brought us to a really
nice hotel restaurant. There is even an infinity pool on the porch of the
restaurant overlooking the harbor. We went there last night and had some
really good deserts. We had chocolate lava cake with ice cream and lots of
whip cream! It was delicious!
Oh! I forgot! When we first arrived a nice Australian couple came by to
welcome us to the harbor. They are on their motor boat and have been here
four times already. They were very friendly and gave us some good
information, one of them was 'do not swim off the back of the boat'. They
told us that we couldn't swim here because of all the hammer head sharks
circling the harbor! Isn't that freaky?! Daddy even saw a shark swimming
around the boat this morning.
Well I just finished learning as much French as I can shove in my head and
studying for a grammar test (adjective and adverb fraises are really hard!).
We just restarted school after a two week vacation. Dinner is at the pizza
place tonight! Gotta go, bye!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, Cammi! Thank you for blogging because now I already have a mental picture of what this island looks like. Even before mommy posts the pictures, I can see all of these beautiful flowers. Thank heavens for the Australian couple that told you about the sharks!!!! I'm certain you would have seen them for yourself eventually, but you now have a better respect of the dangers, as well as the beauty that looms beneath the sea. The weather here in Florida has been a little rainy, with a very strong northeasterly wind off the water for the past week. It is still better than New England with an average temperature of 78 degrees. Enjoy every minute of your stay and send lots of pictures.
Love you more and love to Cole,