Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain

"Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! Oh the weather outside is

It rained for almost two days straight! I know that in Newport that can be
very common sometimes, but this is the longest period of rain we have had on
the boat for basically 8 months! We filled our water tanks all the way just
from the rain! It was awesome! Also the past two nights we played Monopoli
(one game yesterday, one game tonight). Our Monopoli board is a New England
Patriots board so it's really cool.
Well, other than all this rain, we swam under the 3rd largest waterfall in
the world and met another kid boat! First I'll tell you about the kids.
There is a family of four onboard the sailboat named Chtimagine. There is a
13 year old girl, Naeva (yippee!) and an 11 year old boy, Nicola. They are
from France, have lived on their boat for 7 years and have never been to a
real school. The family is so nice and will be traveling with us on more or
less the same schedule all the way to New Zealand! They have friends on
board right now who are also really nice (another family of four with a 4
year old girl and 7 year old boy).
So about the waterfall. We were going to hike there with Chtimagine, but
since Cole and I had to do school, they left a few hours before us. After
beaching the dinghy we hiked along a small river for about two hours. Soon
we came out of the woods and arrived in a large, open meadow filled with
small, yellow flowers. The grass came up to our knees and it was surrounded
by tall, flat, rocky mountains. It was beautiful. Daddy said "when I look up
I feel like I'm in New York City made of rock and flowers." Finally we
rounded a coner and saw everyone on Chtimagine swimming in a small pool next
to the waterfall. The waterfall had just a small streem of water flowing
down from the top of the mountain due to no rain, but we still couldn't see
the top. As soon as we arrived at the waterfall I pulled off my sweaty
clothes (we had to wear long sleeves and pants because of the bugs), grabbed
my sandwich and waded knee-deep into the cold, but refreshing water. It was
wonderful. After finishing my sandwich I followed Mommy, Cole, and Daddy
through the pool and over a boulder type thing. Next we were in another pool
covered by the mountain. This was where the waterfall deposited. We all went
and swam under the waterfall, feeling the water pound on our shoulders.
After some pictures we decided to go back. This time we all went back
together. The 4 of us older kids ran ahead and did the two hour walk in just
over an hour. When we got back to the dinghies, we decided to swim in the
ocean while we waited for the parents. It was so much fun!
We are now in a bay called Controller Bay and just finished a game of
Monopoli. We moved here yesterday and since we didn't move again today due
to the bad weather I finally finished my group of tests that I have been
studying and taking for the past couple of weeks (YES!). Well, Daddy is
reading Star Wars to Cole and Mommy is reading a sailing magazine. Good


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Cammi, sounds like you are having a great time. So happy that you have another s/v with a girl your age on it. What kind of boat is it in that they have enough room for four other people visiting? Do they speak English? In any event, your French will improve just being aroung them. The waterfalls sound like great fun! I have one picture of Papaji and me under a similar waterfall that was taken a long time ago when Nonna was much younger and looked a whole lot better in a swimsuit. When you come home I will show you my picture if you post some pictures of your own. Love you. Happy Palm Sunday and Easter to my bunny.
Je vous aime beaucoup,
Meme (Nonna)

Carla said...

Cammi- Wow! Sounds like a pretty amazing waterfall. It is fantastic that you are meeting kids from all different countries. I bet it must be neat to hang out with them and explore the islands together. You are going to learn so many different languages during this trip. I continue to be jealous. I miss you tons. HUGS and KISSES to all--- Ti Amo Tanto, Carla
PS-- I am loving your descriptive writing, I feel like I am almost there with you-- Way to go!