Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So a few weeks ago we flew over to Australia. But don't think that it wasn't uneventful. Cole and I believe, that for some reason, airports do not like us. To start off, Daddy had a stomach bug, and was not in the mood to drive for 3 hours, and then fly for 3 more hours. So Mommy, Cole and I went to the airport in a taxi, while Daddy stayed at our house for one more day. When we arrived at the check in desk at the airport, the lady asked us if we had our Australian visas. Well, we were only going to be in Sydney for 5 days, and didn't think that we would need visas. When we told her that we had no visas she told us that we needed to run (emphasize the 'run' part) down the hall and get one for each of us. So once we had our visas, had our tickets and were ready to go through security, it was about 30 minutes before our flight left. Luckily, security was really fast and our flight was also delayed a few minutes. 
Anyway, we arrived to our hotel in Sydney at around 7:00, and we were hungry. Not really wanting to go and sit at a restaurant, we ordered some food off of the huge room service menu. But let me tell you, our room was amazing. We had a view of the bridge, bay and opera house. We could watch the ferries going across the harbor, and see the people walking over the bridge. Also, there was a full kitchen, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher in the room! There were two big bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a desk overlooking the harbor, and a little living room with a TV. It was so cool. 
So the next day we went to meet our friends from the boat Carl Linne who had rented a little sailboat and wanted to take us around the harbor. We had a great time, and met Daddy the next day. 
Because we had heard so much about it, we took a VIP tour of the zoo. We got to go into the 'backstage' of the zoo with a guide and pet some of the coolest animals. We got to pet a kangaroo, and put our face right next to a koala! We also saw other animals with the weirdest names like the quocca. It was the most amazing zoo experience I've ever had!
After our two days in the harbor, we went to live in a little Bed and Breakfast near my Mom's high school friend, Mudgie. We spent Halloween with Mudgie and her family, and had a great time trick or treating. 
And to top it off, we had to go to the Sydney Opera house for a tour. It was beautiful. We learned all about the architects, how long it took to build and a bunch of other stuff. There were 7 small theaters! We only got to go to 3, but each was perfectly designed. Everything was thought of. 
Then, it was finally time to go back to New Zealand. Luckily, Daddy had been feeling better and we had a very nice, and uneventful flight in the biggest, most luxurious airplane in the air. It had two stories, a personal TV on the back of each seat and a full menu to chose your meal from. It was so nice. 

Well, we are in our house right now getting ready to go to the boat. Bye!!

PS. Today is Mommy and Daddy's 15th anniversary!!! 

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