Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our New Home

Hi everyone! We arrived into the Barkman's house in Pennsylvania last night, and have just finished school. It is a little odd....our best friends, Kak and Lolly are at school and our parents are here with us, while we do homeschooling in their house. So we have basically claimed their house as our own, and moved in. We have also stolen their dog, Abby.

Well, not really, but close. Abby is the cutest puppy in the whole world and is just hysterical. She has 'puppy spasms' when she runs around the house randomly at top speed while barking her head off. It is so funny!

I've gotta go find something to do with myself for the next 2.5 hours while my poor friends suffer through their 7 hour school day. Luckily Kak and I have dance class tonight at 5!!! :D Bye!

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