Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School in Portsmouth

Hi everyone! I can't believe that it's already time to start eighth grade! It feels so long ago when we left on Zen, heading for the Caribbean; but Tonga feels like only a couple months ago even though it's been a whole year. The whole trip was absolutely amazing, and I loved every moment. Lots of people have asked me if I would do it again. My answer is always "yes"!! There was really nothing I didn't like. Things like no internet, having to conserve water and electricity, and living in such a small space made me appreciate what we have even more than I did before. I never realized how privileged everyone in this beautiful country is. Yesterday I was washing some pans in the sink and I was thinking about how wonderful a dishwasher is!! 
About a month ago, we moved into a new house in Portsmouth. It's only 10 minutes away from our old townhouse, and is right on the water. We absolutely love it! It's also our first single-family home, in a real neighborhood. 
As I said, school is starting this week for both Cole and I. Cole is going back to Saint Michael's School in downtown Newport, and I am doing homeschooling. I decided that I didn't want to go straight into a crazy schedule with school all day, then lots of homework, and dance every day. Homeschooling is just so much easier! 
This year I am dancing 6 days a week not including rehearsals. On Fridays I am taking classes at my very first studio in Newport, which I am really excited for! All of my other classes are in Providence (about 35 minutes away from our house). 
Well, that's about it. I'm sitting at the dining room table right now eating some really yummy muffins for breakfast. Mmm!! 
As a last note, I'll add some random stuff at the bottom. Bye!!

Favorite Place: Aitutaki, Cook Islands and New Zealand
Would Love to Live In: New Zealand
Loved:  going swimming every day; the beautiful weather; whales
Appreciate: the dishwasher; the washing machine; internet

Total Miles Sailed: 20,000
Countries Visited: 20
Cruising Boats Met: a lot

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, it has been a very long time since I commented on your blog!!!! As much as you enjoyed your years miles and miles away, I am so very thrilled to have you back on tera firma and be able to put my arms around that tiny waist for a hug!!!
Enjoy your school year and dance!
Love you more,