Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To The Stage, with Brianna and Sylvie

Last Saturday I went to the PPAC theater with my really close friends
from dance, Brianna and Sylvie. We saw a production called "Addy an
American Girl story". It was about a girl who was black and traveled
on the Underground Railroad. When we got there we sat right down in
our seats, and waited about five minutes for the show to start. During
intermission we got some snacks. While eating we were thinking that it
felt so weird watching a show from the audience. Since the three of us
are dancers we are on stage a lot and just participated in the
performance Swan Lake. After the show we went to a really good
restaurant and had a great dinner. My parents and brother arrived
while we were eating a huge dessert.We got home at around 11:30 at
night, but that's okay, it was really fun.


Sylv! said...

Hey Cami!That was so fun! see you wednesday! P.S I love your blog P.P.S I love glowing shirts P.P.P.S cant wait to have more pepper covered lemons! YUMM!

Bri said...

We had so much fun on Saturday!! I finally figured out how to post a comment!!! Your blog is AWSOME!!!!! Like sylv, I also love glowing shirts!!
Unlike sylv, I can wait to have pepper covered lemons! Ick!!! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!

P.S. The lemon challenge was fun though!
P.P.S. THe pictures are very cool, and what you wrote!!!