Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everybody! Today we got the coolest thing shipped
to our house. It was a basket type thing of fruit, except it looked
like flowers. There was strawberries, apples and bananas covered in
chocolate. Also there was pieces of pineapple shaped like the outside
of a flower, and a piece of mellon for the center. I had some apples
and bananas from it for breakfast. Cole and I tried to surprise Mommy
by making her breakfast, but she just walked right into the up to the
table, so it didn't really work. Right now Daddy is trying to change
the roof to our Jeep. Later on we are going to the Golf Club where my
Papaji used to play for a dinner/lunch meal. I will get to see my
Nonna, and Nanna that I haven't seen in a while. I'm really excited.
Even though I have to wear a dress, it will be so much fun. This year
I won't get to see my littlest cousins, because they moved to Florida.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cammy, its Gunnar from sailing camp. Ignore that comment on the first one. I was thinking of giving ourselvs code names and starting the blog with "G-Dog Skipper Log Day 1" or somthing like that. Well let me tell you a life lesson,... driving for 10 is NOT fun. But the camping is great (cough no it isn't). But I'm here in typing in a historic WW2 Canadan airforce barracks in Yukon, ( go figure) Canada. I'm fine (kinda), and lifes good. TTLY