Monday, August 18, 2008

The City Of Ember

       The City Or Ember by Jeanne DuPrau was a really exciting book. It was about a town that is underground. Two kids, Lina and Doon, set off to find a brighter world than their own (our world).
       One day in the city of Ember, while Lina was doing her messaging job, she found out that her best friend had supplies that hadn't existed for years. Lina became supiscous and told her friend Doon about what she saw. A couple days later she found something that said "instructions". She could not read all of the instructions because it had been torn and weathered, so she went to her friend who could. After deciphering most of the instructions, Lina and Doon set off to find the "bright world". They found out the journey was to long to do in one day, so they had to wait for the next day to complete their search. Since it illegal to venture out of Ember, Doon and Lina were being searched for when they started off the next day. Luckily they both got away and found the knew world.
       The book ends when Lina and Doon throw legible instructions down to Ember on how to get to the "bright world", from the "bright world". It was a really amazing book. 

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