Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tobago Cays

Today we arrived in the Tobago Cays. Yesterday we had to leave after dinner
so that when we got to the Cays the sun wouldn't be in our face and we would
be able to see the reefs. The wind was really light so we put up our new
sail. It was huge! It looked like a spinaker, but a lot lighter. Cole and I
set up beds for ourselves in the salon so that we could sleep there as we
were sailing. I fell asleep at around nine and woke up at about seven-thirty
and saw the island. We anchored at around eight. As soon as I saw where we
were going to anchor I was amazed at how many catamarans there were. I
counted 13 cats. Once we were settled Daddy jumped in the glass clear water
to check the anchor. Then he told Cole and me to come in and look at all the
fish he saw. There is also a little reef really close to the boat that we
swam to and saw a turtle! It basically took us on a tour of the reef. When
it started to swim away Daddy, Cole and I went back to the boat to get Mommy
so she could see all the fish. Before we even got to the boat a huge
stingray swam underneath us. It was awesome! After a little while I didn't
see anything else interesting so I got out of the water and played with my
piano for a while. Then Daddy saw a catamaran with a wind generator, and
since he is on a hunt for one he and Cole dinghy'd over to the boat to check
it out. It ended up to be the exact one that Daddy wanted, so the owner of
the boat said that Daddy could come over tomorrow and get on board to
measure it. I don't really care, but Daddy is very excited. For lunch Mama
told us that she wasn't going to make anything so we she gave us chips and
salsa instead. I'm going to go eat lunch. Bye!


Miss Erika said...

We wish that we were swimming in the cyrstal blue waters with you! Sounds like you are seeing some pretty amazing creatures. Miss you and your family lots!
Miss Erika, Scott and Stella too!

Anonymous said...

Love to read your blogs, Cammi. Your descriptions make everything come alive! Great to hear your voice last night. Isn't it exciting that your blogs will be posted in Auntie Tonya's class for the kids to read? Imagine how many people you are taking along with you on this exciting voyage!
Love, hugs & kisses,