Monday, August 18, 2008

A Surprise Audition

This is a school project that I am doing and will be sent in with my test. Please tell me if you like it!
      "Bye Tory!" I yelled as I jumped in my Mom's car at school pick up. It was a Monday and I was getting ready for my dance class. It had been a regular day, and I had no idea what a surprise there would be for me that evening.
       As my Mom dropped me off at the corner of the street, she told me to have a great class. I ran into the hot and sticky dressing-room to get changed into my leotard and tights. After chatting for a while with my friends we tip-toed into the studio to stretch. My teacher, Miss Karla, wasn't there yet, so I knew something different was going to happen that class.
       Finally, Miss Karla came in and took attendance. By then I had warmed up and was ready to dance. As usual someone was absent. Miss Karla looked worried that not everyone was there. This was very strange. Next she told us to line up from shortest to tallest. I was very excited because I thought we were going to start our dance. Miss Karla then proceeded to walk us into the Grand Studio. Once there the Director told us to do all types of different combinations.
       After two hours of dancing we were dismissed to our conditioning class. I heard whispers all around me wondering what we had just done. Before we left Miss Karla told the class to go to the Grand Studio. "Class" she said "you just auditioned for Swan Lake"
       Two weeks later I got a letter in the mail, that said I had been excepted into the performance. I was shocked.


Sylv! said...

I love it camo,

That was actually quite surprising!So was cinderella's audition! miss u!


Kathi said...

Loved the audition story, Cam! Keep posting - we love reading about your adventures!

Anonymous said...

You go for it, girl! Your blogs continue to bring me to not only far away places with your very descriptive adjectives, but also to the recesses of your mind with this Swan Lake audition. Good luck on your testing today.

brianna said...

Love the story, and the pictures on your blog!!!
Swan Lake and Cinderella were very fun times for the trio!!

P.S. Miss you so much!!!!!!