Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today was very eventful. The day started in Mamora Bay at a resort. At about four that morning there was a really loud thunder and lightning storm. Cole and I both woke up and hung out for a while until the storm quieted down a bit and we were able to fall back asleep. After doing a math lesson at around 9 am, we started for English harbor to get a couple things we forgot back at home. It was such a short ride (30 min.) that we didn't even put the sails up. As soon as we got out of the little bay we were in, we saw three different dolphins. They were really big! They did a show of flips and jumps out of the waves for us. Also they liked to swim under the two hulls and jump under the boat. I really liked watching them. Once at English Harbor we docked. Mommy, Cole and I had to dingy in to the dock on the other side of the harbour to check out of customs. When we got back to the boat, Daddy had been talking to this guy with really good food, so we bought lunch from him. It was great. Mommy even let us get ice cream! After Daddy got the packages we needed we started for Falmouth Harbour ( where we are now). I read my book underneath the boom on the deck above the salon for the whole ride. It was also really short, so we motored the whole way. When we got to Falmouth we had to go grocery shopping. It took us under an hour to get all of the stuff we needed! After putting all of the groceries on board Daddy had to go return the car that we had borrowed. When he got back me, Cole and Mommy had finished putting away and cleaning all groceries so we all went for a quick swim. I can't believe my day started with a thunder storm and ended with an awesome dinner that Mommy just finished making, and is serving right now. I am starving, so I'm going to go eat dinner. Bye!

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Auntie Mary said...

Hi Cammi, That's really cool about the dolphins. They are so fun to see. They are like dogs in the ocean. Sounds like you have a good cook on board too. love, Auntie Mary