Monday, July 28, 2008

Hell's Gate, Hiking and Snorkeling

Today we went to this other island with lots of really loud birds. I have no
clue what the island is called, but it is 45 minutes away from Long Island
(where we just were). There is no people on the island since it is so small.
There is also two super tiny islands right next to it. Also, the water here
is really clear and you can see the bottom in 13 feet of water.

After we anchored we went in on the dingy to this little island
called Hell's Gate. When you first look at it, it looks really scary with
jagged rocks. Mommy, Cole and I ended up climbing to the bridge type thing.
We had to climb through a hole that had a snake type animal living in it. I
luckily did not see it, but Cole and Mommy did. While we walked to the rock
bridge you had to step on grass, and it looked like you were going to fall
through. Going down was also pretty scary, but we got to walk through water
to get to the dingy where Daddy was taking pictures. It was so cool.

Next we went the island we anchored in front of to hike. When we
got to the beach Mommy realized that her camera had run out of battery, so
Daddy had to go back to the boat while Cole, Mommy and I stayed at the beach
and swam. When Daddy came back we started our hike up a little path. It
didn't take long to get the top. Once there we saw two huge blow holes. I
really liked looking down into them and see the water splashing around in
the bottom. The trail went farther so we kept going and saw the other side
of the island. Then we went back down to go snorkeling.

As soon as we got back to the beach Cole and I took off our
shoes and sunglasses and replaced them with flippers and masks. We swam
around and waited for Mommy and Daddy to get their stuff on and then we
started to swim towards the reef. Their wasn't tons of fish but we did see
some. Daddy swam up to this one fish and stuck his hand out and the fish
moved back. When he took his hand away the fish came closer. Daddy did this
for a little while to make Cole and I laugh. It was really funny. On some
parts you had to wait for a wave to come and carry you over the coral
because it was so high.

Finally we swam back to the dingy. We went back to the boat to
rinse off and now we are motoring back to Long Island so we can go to dinner
their. I'm going to go sit on the trampoline. Bye!

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Auntie Mary said...

Hi Cammi, Sounds awesome. I'm at work and when I was reading your discription I went into a little fantasy world. Then all of a sudden I came back to reality with the boys and girls hollering and teachers trying to manage them. Back to work I guess. Love, Auntie Mary

Anonymous said...

No wayyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A trampoline?? Thats so cool! My mom and I love the carnival pictures! We all miss u at school!
Hope your havin a blast