Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today was a really fun day. I got up at around 7:30, and played my DS for a little while before Daddy came down to tell us to start school. Math and history each took about half an hour to 20 minutes. Reading took a long time because I did two lesons, and finished my book. It was really good. In art history I read a chapter and drew a picture of a helmet. Finally for composition I finished my news article and put it on the blog. After school we had a great lunch of tuna casserole and lots of fruits. I was about to start a bracelet, when the kids from the boat Beach Magic drove up in their dinghy. They said that they wanted us to come over to their boat, but when Daddy said that Max was allowed to wind surf, that plan was canceled. So for a while we swam around and jumped off the back of the boat. All of a sudden we saw Panache drive into the anchorage. After a lot more swimming Cole went to Panache to ask the kids if they wanted to come over and swim. Of course, Cole came back with both boys in the dinghy. When Max was done wind surfing, we all jumped in the dinghy to go tubing. It was so much fun. Everyone decided to just laugh at the people in the tube while they were in the dinghy, but Marshal and I decided to laughed at. After I went, Parker, the driver of the dinghy, said that he was going to pull Marshal at full speed. He deffinitly did. We were all laughing so hard when he wiped out (more like flipped out). When we went back to Zen, Marshal and Parkers' parents were there too. As soon as we got aboard, Mommy brought out a bunch of homemade pretzels. They were amazing! Before we knew it, it was 6:30, and everyone had to leave. Today was a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hey cams im so siked im leavin the first message on your blog!!!!!!! I didn't read it yet but actually well I read the first sentence... does that count? If it doesn't I will later. Have fun in wherever you are!!!!(I told you I didn't read it)
Guess who

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day, Cammi! I did too because I got to talk to Mommy today. I have seen the pictures that Marshal has taken of you and Cole but I have yet to see any pictures of him and Parker. Do you think you can get some so I have a tighter link to you and the people around you?
I love you, honey. Enjoy this wonderful experience!
Hugs and kisses,

Carla said...

HI Cammi-
Chocolate- My Favorite! Kepp up the good work. I am gald to see your teachers have given you an opportunity to have some fun- hahaha. Miss you-Carla

Anonymous said...

did u guess who the first comment was from? it was me tory!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are keeping busy with school work, swimming and having lots of fun! We miss you very much!
Erika, Scott and Stella too!