Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Video Chat

One of our favorite forms of entertainment is video chatting with our
really close friends. After we come back from a day full of
watersports, we check on Skype to see who's online. Next, we connect
with them online. If they are able, we do a video chat. This is when
your screen is kind of like a television and you can see the people
you are talking to. Sometimes it's really confusing when everyone
talks at once or if you move really fast and then the screen gets
fuzzy. But, it's really fun because it's the closest thing to talking
face-to-face. I have been hoping to set up the computer and put it
near the dinner table so we can eat dinner with our friends. But
momma and daddy don't like that idea because it uses up all the
laptop's battery. Daddy just said, "How much do you guys think I
weigh?" Cole said, "Six hundred and ninety nine pounds." Of course,
we all know it was a mistake, but it was really funny. He actually
weighs 188 lbs. That was kind of strange, totally off subject, but
that's OK. For the next 2 weeks, we are going to be doing lots of
sailing. But, we are going to new places and out of Grenada, we have
been for the past month. Much longer than I ever thought we'd be
here. Today we started school really early so we could have a full
day of playing with our friends on Beach Magic and Panache, since it's
our last day with them. I ended up doing extra school work since Cole
was still going, but I still got to play for a long time. I'll
probably send another blog in a couple days after we get to Los
Testigos. Bye to Laurianne, Max, Marshall and Parker!!! We'll miss


Anonymous said...

Well, look at this! I'm the first one to leave a message on your blog. If I was set up, we could have had a video chat because apparently we were both online at the same time! Oh well, I spoke with you Saturday morning and thank you for the pictures on your blog. I get to see how tall you are getting. You are off to more exciting places and more interesting people to meet. I am certain Daddy does not care too much to have his weight broadcasted. Say Hi to Mommy and Daddy for me.
Love you tons,

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,

Hope you enjoy Los Testigos. Make sure to roll down the sand dunes,


Anonymous said...

YOU NEVER VIDEO CHAT WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!! : ( NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!

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