Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weather in the Tobago Cays

If you looked at our main blog, you would have seen the weather chart of the
hurricanes. If you read the actual blog, you would know that we are NOT
going to get hit by one. Even though we are not in a hurricane, we are in
twenty five knots of wind with thirty knot gusts, pouring rain for the whole
day, and a huge current. Weather down here sounds great doesn't it (ha ha)!
Despite the weather Cole, me and the kids on the boat Cataway (Nick and
Tim), went to the beach to go exploring. In the pelting rain the four of us
went on all the trails and little paths possible. Finally, we decided that
we were absolutely freezing, and that we should go jump in the water, which
was surprisingly warm. We swam for a while, until Nick and Tim's dad came to
pick us up. When we got to Cataway we decided that we were way to cold to
get out of the water, so we swam for about an hour. Tim came up with the
idea to try and swim through the two hulls and to get to the bow of the
boat. It was really hard with a good current, rain, and waves smashing on
us, but we finally got through. We went back and forth about three times
until the current go too strong, and we gave up and got out of the water to
dry off. Since the weather was not getting any better we settled on playing
their PS3 (a game you play that is connected to a TV). When we got bored of
that we played the electronic game of Life. It was really fun. We didn't
play until the end, but Nick won with the most money. After that we played
the PS3 again for only a couple minutes until we had to go back to Zen. As
it is getting darker, the white caps on the waves aren't as clear, but I
know they won't be gone until late tonight when the squall has passed. Daddy
says that we have great weather coming our way in the next couple of days.
Now I just half to wait. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update, Cammi. Some of your description (i.e. swimming against strong current between the two hulls) was much more than what Nonna needed to know. However, I am glad to know that you are safe and out of the harm's way of the hurricanes. Keep the news coming.
Love ya tons,

Anonymous said...

glad you are meeting some friends, learning alot, anf having fun
we miss you

Anonymous said...

we are looking forward to swimming with you in January. Your girlfriend REALLLLY misses you!



Anonymous said...

Hey Cams I would be so freaked out if I were you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i hope your having fun!!!!!!!
You probably know who I am but Still Miss ya at school!!!!

lucy said...

cam how are you i miss you soooooooo much when are you coming back tory and i are crying [not really ] but i miss yoouuu