Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Beach/Sand dune Adventure

Now we are officially in Los Testigos. There is a cute little town right off
our bow with about two or three houses. Independence successfully made it
into the harbor, last night around dinner time. So now that both boats are
together again, we decided to go on a little adventure to the sand dune.
Indi (Independence) were in an area that was really rolly, so they went to
re-set their anchor, while we started looking for a path near the village.
We came across a man who spoke only Spanish. So we spoke Spanish/English and
he spoke Spanish, and he finally figured out that we wanted to know if there
was a trail to the sand dune. He said kind of and showed us how to get
there. After pointing us in the right direction, he went back to his little
town and we started on the trail. For a while it was just a little path with
a couple plants sticking up here and there. About half way it started to get
a little rougher. ¾ of the way it got pretty bad with lots of rocks,
cactuses, and plants we weren't supposed to touch because they made you
itch. Finally, we could see the sand dune, which made us know that we were
still on the path. At last, we made it. The sand was about a zillion
degrees, and it was on a pretty good slope, that was hard to climb up. At
first I started to think that the hike was totally not worth it and this was
going to be super boring. But then I saw a path and decided to go down it.
When I got to the other side, my thoughts of the sand dune totally changed.
Before me was a huge beach/sand dune. For a while I climbed on the roots of
a tree with Cole and waited for Mommy and Daddy. Once they got there we all
went full blast into the perfectly clear water. The bottom was just sand,
and there were awesome waves, but no undertow. Soon Mommy and Daddy said
that we had to start heading back to the boat. Of course no one wanted to go
back on the trail, so we hoped that we might be able to get to the ocean and
swim back. Luckily, there was a path leading strait towards the ocean. There
were a bunch of rocks at first, but then it turned to sand. About half way
there, we saw the Indi crew walking on the path! We were so excited to see
them that after talking for a while (more like yelling) we decided to go
back and hang out for a while with them on the dune. After playing and
swimming some more, we had to go back. So we went down the trail and jumped
in the water. After swim/walking for a while it started to get deep and more
like a reef. So we found a floating piece of Styrofoam and put Sammy (the
two year- old on Indi) and Indi's back pack. Soon we got to a place where we
could go ashore from rocks sticking out of the water. Then we found a little
goat trail to get back to the little village where we had both beached the
dinghies. Now we are back on the boat and Mommy is cooking a fish that Indi
gave us since they caught so many. Gotta go. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammicam,
Well look at this - I'm the first one again to write in your blog. I am so happy to hear that you made it safely to Los Testigos and the Independence arrived safely. Thank you so much for writing so explicitly of your adventures. I truly appreciate experiencing them with you through your blogs.
Talk to you soon.
Love you tons. Give hugs and kisses to Cole, Mommy & Daddy for me.

Nicole said...

Ola Cammi,
we are glad to read that you made it safely to Los Testigos. And even more glad that you are so up to date with your blog, as we haven't seen any update from you parents :)) .
We are in Florida now and miss the boating life a lot. Please say hi to your parents and Cole from all of us.
Have fun and adios!
Nicole, Mathias, Tim and Nick

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,

Wasn't that beach beautiful? You were probably climbing on the same tree I climbed on. By the way if you are going to go back again to see the turtles there is a much shorter path you can take. There is a little beach right next to the sand dune that you leave the dinghy on.


P.S. When are you leaving Los Testigos?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having so much fun while I am stuck in my classroom! Sunday I went apple picking the and thought of you and Cole. You guys would always make me laugh...I think you sampled more apples then we actually had in our bags! I will make warm apple crisp in honor of both of you. I miss you very much!
Miss Erika