Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another School Project

Here is another school project that I had to do. It is a newspaper article on the chocolate factory I wrote a blog about a while ago.
     Belmont Plantation Chocolate Factory
If you have ever wondered how or where chocolate is made, here are some of the answers. At the Belmont Plantation, in Grenada, chocolate is all anyone thinks about.
Starting 360 years ago, by the Swiss, sugar cane was grown. When the Swiss left, the French took over with coffee, then the British with nutmeg, and finally the Indian, who still own the plantation now, started chocolate.
A while after the Indian took over, they started growing all different fruits and vegetables. All the new products were then distributed around the island.
Most visitors of the plantation agreed that it was a very educational event. Monique Burgess says "It was very educational, and I loved how everything is done by hand."
When you come to plantation you can first be given a tour, and watch a quick movie on how the chocolate is made. After the film is done you are given a free sample of the chocolate, and an opportunity to get your own bar.
"The chocolate is awesome," says Cole Burgess "and I have never seen so many different fruits and vegetables."


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi, very nice report. Of course your original blog on the plantation was much more detailed and enjoyed the excitement you experienced that I could read in your words. Keep up the good work!
Love you tons and miss you more,
Nonna xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,

I thought it was a neat idea how you post school projects on your blog, so I started doing that too!