Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Cool Moonlight - my first Zen book report

Cool Moonlight
My favorite part in the book A Cool Moonlight by Angela Johnson was
when she was surrounded by hundreds of fireflies at her ninth birthday
Lila is an eight year old girl who was born with a severe allergy to
sunlight. Their house has tinted windows that aren't allowed to be
opened at all during the day. All shopping is done in the night as
well as any play dates Lila might want to do. Her older sister, Monk,
always drives Lila to the city to see Monks' friends at Lila's
favorite cafe.
Since Lila does homeschooling she only has one actual friend. She
knows two angel type girls who only she can see. Allysa and Elizabeth
try and help Lila be able to go out in the sun by giving her a "sun
bag". The sun bag is a bag where they choose a bunch of things that
remind them of the sun and put them in. It was supposed to make her
allergy go away when she put the bag on with all the stuff in it. Lila
soon found out that it was impossible for that to happen.
If you find angel type girls, a girl allergic to sunlight and
something called a sun bag interesting, A Cool Moonlight by Angela
Johnson is the book for you.
Cameron Burgess

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi, Lila sounds a lot like you.....nine yrs.old, home schooled. You are really racing through your library. Better save some for the rest of the trip. Missing you. Love, Nonna