Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Barkmans-Last 5 Days

I told you I would right about the last 4 days so here it is. Day 6:
We didn't do much except for go to the Dunn's house that evening for
dinner. It was so much fun playing in their pool. Day 7: This was
deffinitly my favorite day. Around noon Katherine, me, Darlene, and
Mommy got in the car and started driving to New Haven. Once at New
Haven we got on a train and started going to New York City. Our
original plan was to get to New York, see a American Ballet Theatre
(ABT) performance and than leaving right after. Luckily, we made the
early train, so we were able to go to the American Girl Place for a
while. While we were there we got Lauren, Katherine's little sister, a
birthday gift. When dinner time rolled around we decided to go to the
American Girl Cafe. After dinner we walked all the way to Lincoln
Center to see the performance. Since we only had two tickets,
Katherine and I went while the mommys went to a fondue place for
dinner. That night we left and got home at around three AM. We had so
much fun. Day 8: We went to the circus with Nonna that day. It was so
much fun. We met up with Nonna, Auntie Dana, Giordan, and Sophia in a
parking lot so that we could carpool to the circus. Giordan and Sophia
are my two little cousins. At intermission Cole and Lauren had to be
picked up by the mommys so that Cole could get to his karate class in
time. Nonna drove Katherine and I home. The circus was awesome! Day 9:
On Friday Miss Erica ,my babysitter, took Katherine and I to get our
nails done for my birthday. After that we went back to the house to
get our bathing suits and we went to the beach. We had so much fun
boogie boarding! Day 10: They left at nine AM that morning we were all
very sad.


The Barkman's said...


You know your buddy is missing you terribly. She is at dance camp right now, sure to be telling everyone about you.

Love your update and will be eagerly awaiting the next one. I'll let Kak write back next time!

Love you lots-

/(s)/ said...

Good luck on your trip cammo!