Friday, July 18, 2008

My new look

Today I decided to cut my hair. Since there is no hairdresser that we are familiar with in Antigua, I asked my mom if she could cut it for me. She said, "Sure, let's do it right now." So, we went onto the dock to cut it. We ended up having to go behind a shack on the dock to hide from all the wind. I cut it because it was sticking to my back and that really bugs me. I love the way it looks!


The Dunns said...

I love the way it looks too, kiddo!! Too cute!! Who knows, you and mama may start a whole new trend in the islands!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

It looks absolutely adorable!! Your Mom is a very talented lady!!
Miss Erika

Auntie Mary said...

Cammi, It looks great. At first I thought you were some teenager, but then I realized it was you. Very stylish.

Gunnar said...

Awsome haircut

/(s)/ said...

It looks so awesome!


Bri said...

Your new haircut is beautiful!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!!!!
Have a safe and fun trip!!