Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hurt Go Happy

Go Happy
My favorite part in the book Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby was when
she meets a chimpanzee that uses American Sign Language.
Joey Willis is a 13 year old girl. When she was six her father
attacked her and caused her to be deaf. After that Joey and her mother
moved away from him, so that they could be safe. Since then Joey's
mother has forced her to read lips instead of use sign language.
One day when Joey was out mushroom picking for her mother, she bumps
into an old man named Charlie. After he realizes she is deaf he takes
her back to his house. There Joey met his pet chimpanzee Sukari.
Charlie explained to Joey that he had taught Sukari sign language and
was willing to teach her as well. Against her mothers' wishes she
started going to Charlie's house as much as she could to learn sign
language. After the birthday party that Charlie threw for Sukari and
Joey, her mother finally gave in and let her use the scholarship fund
Charlie had set up for a school for the deaf.
Joey woke up one morning to an earthquake. As the family met up in
the cition Sukari suddenly jumped through the door and was signing for
Joey to come. Unfortunately, Charlie died in the earthquake and Sukari
had to be sent to live with his niece Lynn. Life with Lynn didn't last
long for Sukari and she was sent of to a zoo. Joey's mother called her
one day while she was in school to tell her what happened to Sukari.
Eventually Joey met a person who could help her save Sukari. In the
end Joey gets to save Sukari so that she can live with other
I really liked the book Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby because she
never gave up on anything even though she is deaf.
Cameron Burgess


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Great book report, Cammi! Love the haircut also! Nonna

Auntie Mary said...

Hi Cammi, That sounds like a great story about the monkey and the hearing impaired girl. I have a hearing impaired boy at my school so we all learning sign language. It's a lot of fun. He seems to figure things out so fast, probably because he doesn't have the noises to distract him.

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