Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Driving Adventure

Before I get to the story, I want to tell you something really cool. Two nights ago I saw a shooting star! It was so cool. It was the first shooting star I have ever seen. Anyways, here is the story.
 A couple days ago we decided to go to this place called Devils' Bridge. Just the name told me things were going to get bumpy. Well they did, literally.

Since everything is backwards when you drive (where you sit to drive and what side of the road you drive on) it already scared me to drive across the whole island. Anyways, Mommy got a map so we knew how to get there and then we set off on our mission.

First we had to go to a friends' new house so that Mommy could see it then we started heading for Devils' Bridge. We were on a road that lead to the road that took us to the bridge when we took missed the turn. We ended up at a beach and had to turn around. After going up and down the road a couple of times we decided on one road we thought was right. It was a dirt road with lots of rocks in it. When we got to this one part that looked like it went straight and completely down, Cole and I both said we should turn around and go back. But no, why listen to the kids and turn around? Of course we had to keep going. We then came to a really tall and steep hill. Cole and I said "turn around please!" but no, we had to keep going. When we got to the top of the hill there was a huge cliff. There was a really nice view but it was really scary looking over the side of the cliff. We had to avoid a bunch of goats while we tried to turn around. When we got down the hill Cole and looked out our windows again, since we decided not to while going down. After we got down the hill we went down a different road that looked more promising than the last, it was. We actually got there that time.

The bridge was so cool. It was made completely by erosion from the waves. When you walked across it you had to be careful though because it was really slippery from all the water. Mommy and I took lots of pictures. When you looked of the bridge into the water you could see the different layers of rocks on the wall next to the bridge. We had so much fun.

            For dinner we went to this resort called the Verandah, but that is a whole other adventure.


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