Thursday, October 2, 2008


Pinch and a punch (for anyone who has no clue what that means, it is just
something funny my grade did last year on the first day of every month).
Wow, I can't believe that it is already October. The weather here hasn't
changed much, but I know that in RI, you guys are probably wearing pants and
sweaters. Anyways, so now we are in an island called Blanquilla. The only
inhabitants are donkeys (that remind us we have to go to bed every night at
8:00), and lots of plants (cactus' come into the story later). If
Independence was not with us, I would probably be very bored. As
entertainment yesterday, we all went to a bay called Americano Bay, named
after and American man, who lived here years ago. The bay is known for its'
amazing caves and snorkeling, and boy is that true. When we first came in on
the dinghy, we saw tons of really cool caves that we could take the dinghy
into. After seeing multiple caves we came around a little point. Around the
point were two small, but beautiful beaches. So we beached the dinghy and
swam for a while. When we got bored of that, we all put on snorkel gear
and snorkeled underneath a really cool bridge made of rock. At first it was
scary. Swimming in the shade, where it was kind of hard to see, and rocks
came out of nowhere. Finally, I got used to it and had a great time. When we
got back to the beach we all climbed over the rocks to the second beach. It
was really cool until I stepped on a broken piece of a cactus and Mommy had
to pull it out of my foot. Next, we all swam around to the other beach
again. After playing for a while and watching Sammy, the little two
year-old, laugh his head off as he was thrown into the waves by his dad, we
decided it was time to go back to the boat. Yesterday was so much fun and I
can't wait to go to Americano Bay again today, but before I go I must tell
you a couple more things. After catching two huge tuna on our way here, I am
totally fished out! I think that Mommy and Jenny on Indi, has made every
type of tuna possible. Of course, we had dinner on Indi two nights ago, so I
have tasted all of them. I don't think I will be eating fish for another
week or so, unless it is the only thing we have (very unlikely)! Tonight or
Saturday we might leave for Venezuela. I'm very excited. Lunch is on! Gotta
go, bye!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,

I LOVE exploring caves. Some place in the Bahamas there was a really cool one that was in a scene of James Bond, but there were tons of people snorkeling on it, so it wasn't as exciting. By the way I am on lesson 39 on everything but history and spelling. On those I am on lesson 48 or 49. I' catching up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi Cay,
That's Nonna's new name for you. I just love reading your are so descriptive that your readers feel they are right there with you! Nature can be excitiing and you are taking advantage of every opportunity. I could not help reading Caroline's comment on your blog abount the caves in the Bahama's and the James Bond movie. Nonna was there with (guess who?) your mommy and Uncle Jason! Give everyone hugs and kisses for me.
Love your new table and "curtains" on your stern deck!
Nonna xxx ooo
PS This Sunday is Nanna's surprise 90th birthday party! SHHHHH!