Saturday, November 15, 2008


So we are now currently in Cartagena. It is basically a harbour surrounded by a huge city. One of my favorite parts is watching the container ships come in and get unloaded at night. It is really cool because there are these big crane looking like things that light up at night and look like it's only a big structure of light. Another awesome thing here is that Mommy and I might get tickets to see a ballet!!!!! I am extremely excited and hope there is a show that we could see. Something weird about Cartagena is that when there is rain (it doesn't matter how much) the streets are flooded and it looks like Venice. A bad thing about Cartagena is that you can't swim in the water (it is so disgusting that even if people said we could, I still wouldn't do it. It is a brownish color and is really polluted). Something really cool about Cartagena is that, since it is their carnival this week, there is all sorts of really cool things going on: people singing on the top of a really old ship, harbour wide water gun fights, a parade of boats going down the center of the harbour with the Miss Columbia people in them and tons of fireworks. Something really awesome about Cartagena is the play grounds. They all have trampolines and one even has go carts, a bouncy house, and an awesome rope thing to climb on! We are going there today after we run some errands. That is basically a summery of what I know so far, but will probably be updated soon! Gotta go, Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast, Cammi! Hope you get to the ballet. Would like to know which one it is. Continue to write - it keeps me connected to you. Please give Cole a hug for me (even though he may not want one).
How did the anniversay go? Will check the photo albumn on your sight next.
Love you tons!
Nonna xxxxxooooo