Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Eventful Day

Okay so here is a list of things that happened yesterday:
1.woke up
2.found Daddy working in the engine rooms
3.ate breakfast
4.sat around and did nothing for a while
5.Albatres came over
6.Cole crashed down 8 feet into the engine room
7.Mommy freaked out and I cried
8.everyone got in the dinghy
9.Cole looked at us like we were crazy
10.Momy and I stopped crying
11.we got out of the dinghy
12.Cole started dancing around on the back deck (he was abviously fine)
13.Mommy put ice on Cole's foot
14.Daddy got back in the engine room to finish working
15.Albatres went back to their boat
16.I sat around and did nothing
17.Tara Vana took us out to dinner
18.we went back to the boat
19.I got in bed
20.I went to sleep
Okay, so that basically covered everything. Cole is perfectly fine (and is back to being an occasionally anoyning brother). I don't really feel like writing any more, so that is my blog for today. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Ohh my gosh...

Anonymous said...

sure yah OK an "eventful day"