Friday, November 21, 2008

Zee Fort

As I ran accross the triangle castle I spotted the enemy. So I called to all the people and told them to fire the cannons. Then I happily watched the enemy ships' mast fall down as they were attacked by Cartagena's armies.
Okay, none of that is true (but it could of been in the 1600s'!). So yesterday our new friends on Tara Vana, Albatres, and Someday Came and us, all went to the big fort in Cartagena. It was so much fun to run around in the tunnels with our flashlights and we learned a lot about Cartagena's history. In a nutshell Cartagena used to be the holder of all the gold found in South America until a Frenchman came and stole it in the 1600's. Because of all the gold, Cartagena made a huge fort so that they could look over the island in which the gold was held. It was made on a hill simply covered with brick. After making a plan it took them 100 years to build it with tons of slaves. Some of their brilliant ideas was tunnels to get from place to place underground, and a slanted wall so that when a cannonball hit it, it didn't crumble to pieces, but rolled down instead. Most of the fort is still the same brick now, and only one part of it had to be rebuilt in the early 1900s' (I think). The best part of the fort was running around in the underground tunnel with flashlights. The worst part was climbing back up the tunnel to ground level and fearing not having enough air to breath (obviously I'm still alive). After the fort we went to Old Town and walked around for a while after watching an African American dance team do a quick performance. As we walked past the gold museum, we decided to go in. It was really cool, and all the gold in the museum was real 24 karat gold. We then left to go to dinner since it was getting late and Violet was starting to get tired. On our way Albatres had to leave and go back to their boat, but Tara Vana, Someday Came and us stopped at a really nice restaurant to have dinner. After having ravioli, we went to the ice cream place. We finally got back to the boat at 10:00 and went straight to bed. Albatres just arrived so I've gotta go, bye!

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