Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! (numero dos)

Okay, now for the second party! So yesterday Mommy woke up sick. She slept basically all day. Cole, Daddy and I kept ourselves busy by watching music videos on YouTube, looking at a really cool website ('s really cool for 8-16 year old girls), and reading books. Soon we decided to go to the big playground with the 'strap-into-a-harness-and-jump trampoline'. We invited Someday Came, Albatres and Tara Vana to come, but for one reason or another only Albatres could come. After lots of jumping, running and climbing, we dropped off Oscar from Albatres on his boat and Cole and I took showers ashore where you can use as much water as you want. When we got back to the boat Mommy decided that she would like to go to the party ashore and that she would love to hear the live music that would be playing ashore. So at 6:00 we all got into the dinghy and met Tara Vana at the marina. The whole restaraunt was decorated with all sorts of lights and red and white tables and chairs. The food was then served. We had turkey, rice, potatoes, bread, green beans, and some local looking food. It was all really good, and cake was for desert. Then, as I was eating my cake the dancers came in. They were really good, and had really nice costumes. They danced to the drums and maraca things that the band was playing. They did four different dances, each with the same six people. I really loved to watch them, and at the end they pulled some people from the audience to dance too. It just so happened that they took Ami from Tara Vana! It was really funny to watch her dance with the team, but she picked up a bunch of the steps and was looking pretty good with all the other dancers. After that they left, and we only stayed for a little while longer. As I was  After the party we all went back to the boat and went to sleep.


Anonymous said...

good to see that you had fun... see you soon...
Caro s/v Tigre

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,
Have not been able to write for a long time. Glad to hear that you had two nice Thanksgivings. We all missed you guys tons yesterday and cannot wait to see you in January!
Love you,
Nonna xxx ooo