Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So yesterday we had a Australian Thanksgiving party with all of our sailing friends. We called Australian because yesterday was Thanksgiving in Australia, not here. We did it yesterday because today there is a party at the marina for all of the American boats. Everyone (Tara Vana, Albatres and one other person that we just met and I don't know his boat's name)came except Someday Came (they thought that it would probably be too late for Violet, their 3 year old). Anyways, since it was on our boat, after school Cole and I cleaned our whole hull from top to bottom. It was really boring, but it looked much better. Oscar from Albatres and his parents came over at around 4:00, and asked if it was okay if Oscar could play here until his parents finished running errands. Of course, we said that he can absolutely play and that his parents should come back at around 6:00 for the party. At 5:30 Tara Vana came with their food. Soon after Albatres came and then this other person we met on a catamaran. Then from 6:00 to about 11:00 we talked, ran around the boat, laughed and ate. Soon everyone was falling asleep so they all went back to their boat. The meal was so good, and I had such a fun time!

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