Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still Sailing

So yesterday morning we left Curacao at around 8:00 in the morning and
started our journey to Cartagena. It was a very nice sail, and there was no
waves whatsoever. I was even able to start reading a book to Cole and get a
bunch of homeschooling done. We also got to sail next to Someday Came for a
while. After we got near a bunch of ships, they disappeared off the horizon
and into the maze of ships. After one of Mommy's amazing chicken, rice and
vegetable dinner, everyone went down to bed to get rest before their shifts
(yes, Cole and I started doing shifts with Mommy and Daddy). At 9:00 pm I
woke up to Daddy sticking his head in my hatch and saying my name. When I
climbed out I found Mommy lying on the bow. Daddy told me to crawl up there
so that I could watch the 30 dolphins swim and jump around the boat. It was
so cool and I loved it when they would swim under the tramp and jump out of
the water, getting us wet. They would also come to the surface and talk to
us in their high pitched dolphin voices. Daddy thinks that since we turned
the deck light on that they were attracted to that, because when we turned
it on they came and when it went off they swam away (or it was too dark to
see them). Soon Mommy went down to bed and Daddy taught me how to look for
storms on the horizon. All of a sudden we heard a bang on the side of the
hull. Mommy came running up and I jumped on the couch and huddled there
until the running and panicking stopped. I then helped Daddy look in the
engine rooms for a signs of a leek. All clear! Mommy went down to bed and
Daddy and I sat in the cockpit for a while and looked up at the big, bright
moon. At midnight I went down back to sleep. I woke Cole up, and told him he
was on watch with Mommy, but he just looked at me and went back to sleep.
Since Cole and I get three hours on and six hours off, I slept the rest of
the night (I did have one more shift, but I was only up for an hour or so
before Daddy told me to go back to bed).We are now motoring (there is no
wind) past land and are going to turn in a while. I'm going to go do
something...don't know what but I'll do something. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cammi! Glad to see you have graduated to "Watch" duty- Have Fun...I am sure you will see so many amazing things. love you

Anonymous said...

WOW Cammi! I am so proud of you and Cole standing watches! That is so cool! Please give Mama and Daddy a big hug and kiss for their anniversary from us!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous experience and awesome responsibility! You have totally graduated to be full fledged Zen crew member. So proud of you taking watch duty and wish I was there to see and hear the dophins play and talk with you! How amazing!
Love you,
Nonna xxxxxooooo