Friday, December 19, 2008

The Daily Cammi News

Hello! The past couple days have been so much fun! We did lots of sailing
and are now in an anchorage called the swimming pool (there's another one
called the hot tub, and the island is called barbeque island!). We met a
really nice family on the boat called Fai Da Te. There is an 11 year old
girl, Julia, and two boys, Luca and Sergio. The kids and their parents are
only visiting their grandparents for a month, but they are really nice and
lived on a boat for two years when they were little like Cole and I. They
are also a really cool family because they speak so many different
languages. Also, we met a boat called All the Colors. They have three kids
on board, a girl and two boys. They are from Australia and are completing
their circumnavigation of the world. Anyways, last night we did a barbeque
on the beach with All the Colors, Fai Da Te and Albatres. It was so much
fun, and I learned a new way of making hot dogs. You take a stick and rap
bread dough around the top. Then you roast it on the fire for about 20
minutes or until you can easily pull it off the stick. Then you stick the
hot dog inside. It was really good, and I had one and a half! We also had
fish, and meat grilled on the fire. We had so much fun! Yesterday, after I
finished school I decided to do a composition. This is what I came up with:

How I Would Change My Room
If I could change my room I would make it magical, and huge. The way
I would make it magical is that it would stay the same size, but if I pushed
a button a porthole would open up and I would step in. Inside the porthole
there would be my much bigger and fancier room. First, I would paint my
walls purple, and have point shoes painted on too. Next, I would design all
my furniture. My bed would be a white bunk bed with a purple, green, blue,
and pink bed spread and pillows. I would sleep on the top bunk and so all of
my stuffed animals would be set up on the bottom. After my bed I would
design my desk. It would be white and have little, purple flowers painted
on. Underneath the desk there would be pink, green, blue, and purple canvas
bins for me to put all of my writing and drawing stuff. Next, I would make
an area for my dolls. It would have all different designs of the doll closet
and bed that I had back at home, and there would be three of them. Then, I
would get one bitty baby bed, and two sets of twin bitty beds too. Next to
all the beds there would be an area for my bitty babies to play with their
toys and books. Also, there would be identical areas for practicing ballet,
one for me and one for my dolls. There would be a black floor just like at
Festival, and a full wall mirror. Then, next to that I would have two
walk-in closets, one to put clothes in and another for all of my dance
things. Also next to the dance space I would have a black grand piano.
Also, there would be big windows that showed what it really looked like
outside. The windows would have purple, blue, pink, and green shades that
would tie back to open them. Also the windows would open, but no one outside
would see them. If it were raining or dark, I would use the air conditioning
and overhead lights. On one of the walls would be a corkboard, but wouldn't
look like one. Here I could hang anything I wanted no matter how heavy.
Next, there would be a door that leads into my own bathroom. It would have a
shower that doesn't use the boats' water and a toilet you don't have to
pump. The walls would be the same as the ones in my room. Finally, the floor
would have a white carpet and everything would be impossible to stain. I
know that my room would be impossible, and would cost tons of money, but
don't you love to dream?

Do you like it? Mommy and I are going to do a yoga class on the beach with
some other cruising friends. There is even a woman who lives on a boat here
that is going to teach the class! I am really excited. Mommy needs help on
making homemade bread, bye!

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