Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dolphins, scurfing and going to a different anchorage (all in one day)

So we are now in a place called The Rosarios. The Rosarios is a bunch of
little islands really close together, with a couple people living on them.
All the islands are really beautiful, and there are no mosquitoes (this is
key to liking a place). Anyways, today we did lots of different things.
First........after I woke up we went into the kitchen to get myself a pastry
thing for breakfast since Mommy was still sleeping. Then I dragged my school
books up the steps into the saloon (this whole time Cole has been up and
doing school so that he could finish early and go play with Oscar). Then
Mommy woke up and started helping Cole with math. About half-way through
math I found a problem that seemed completely impossible (to me, lots of
word problems with exponents in them are impossible). So I got Daddy (who
had been up before Cole to check the weather for today), and he started to
look at the problem to see if he could help me. Daddy couldn't figure it out
either, so he said that now was the perfect time to move to the other
anchorage he had scoped out this morning. So Mommy told me to do all the
problems that I could, and then I would be done with school. The other
anchorage was only on the other side of the island, so it only took about 30
minutes to get there. After we got into the anchorage we saw that Tara Vana
was already there and anchored (Tara Vana came with us to The Rosarios so
that they could teach us how to water ski since they are professionals. Oh
right, I didn't tell you.....back in Cartagena one boat announced that they
had water skis for sale, so we bought them). Tara Vana taught us how to
water ski yesterday, so we thought that we might be able to do a little
skiing today along with scurfing on our new board (we got that in Cartagena
too as an early Christmas gift). After we dropped the anchor, Cole and I
jumped in the water and swam around with Oscar for a while. Soon we had to
go to lunch. At lunch Mommy and Daddy told us that we would be going to the
aquarium to see a dolphin show that was on another island in dinghy
distance. So at 1:30 we all jumped in our dinghies and went over to the
aquarium. As soon as we arrived we could tell that they were closed. We
still all wanted to see when they opened, so we went to find the people who
ran the shows. They told us that the shows were tomorrow, but we could swim
with the dolphins instead. Of course we all really wanted to do this, and
since I have never done it before, I was very enthusiastic. The people told
us that we should come back at 3:30 in our bathing suits. We all decided
that only Cole and I would go. Since Albatres was going to be leaving before
5:00, they thought that it might be too close if they did the dolphin thing.
When we got back to the boat Cole, Oscar and I wanted to go scurfing, so we
pulled out the board and jumped back in the dinghy. Cole got right up on his
first try, and I was up for a little while before I fell. Then I decided to
go on my knees and see if I could stand up. I didn't work, but we were
running out of time, so Oscar went. He went around on his stomach for a
while before we brought him back to his boat. Then we picked up Tara Vana
and went over to the aquarium. Let me tell you that swimming with dolphins
was SO MUCH FUN!!! Cole and I got to go together with two different dolphins
and their trainer (who spoke to us in Spanish, but she was really nice). The
male dolphin was 21 years old and we played with him the most. The female
was 40 years old, but she kind of just swam around. Here are the things I
got to do with the dolphins: pet him, talk to him (and he talked back), he
pushed me around the pool area by pushing his nose against the bottom of my
feet, and feed him fish. It was really fun, and the dolphins were really
cute and loved to play. One of the dolphins loved to come up behind me and
freak me out by knocking me over. Today was so much fun! I have to go to
Tara Vana for dinner now, bye!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cammo - I am so envious of swimming with the dolphins!! It is on my bucket list!! Thanks for the awesome posting!
Love, Kathi

Anonymous said...

It sound slike you had an amazing day! Swimming with dolphins is something I have always wanted to do. I just printed this posting to share with my kids...they love hearing about your adventures and your writing is so descriptive. I miss you guys!
Miss Erika

Anonymous said...

Hi Camms! I still can't believe you ditched us all here in Newport but still I am glad you are having fun! I will be swimming with dolphins soon to! PINK DOLPHINS! I am in India right now! Have fun!!!!!!
From Torsies

croissantpark said...

You were so blessed to be able to swim with dolphins. Its not everywhere you can do this amazing experience. I am glad you had fun. Sounds like you had a great vacation. Nice blog.
Merry Christmas,

Auntie Mary said...

Hi cammi, That is so cool that you got to swim with the dolphins! They are so cute just like dogs. I've always wanted to do that. Love, Auntie Mary

Anonymous said...

What an amazing adventure you both had with dolphins! Ben and I really enjoyed reading about your experiences!
Aunt Tonya