Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Christmas Tree Improvements

Hello everybody! Today was so much fun! Since Cole had a test today we
couldn't invite anyone over until he was done so that he could concentrate.
After he was done though, I invited Gulia over to play on my piano (she has
been playing for 5 years). After she taught me a couple things we decided to
play around and listen to the songs that were on the piano's memory. In the
end the piano's volume was at full blast and we were dancing, and singing to
the songs. It was really fun (All my best buddies- you would love Gulia. She
has lots of energy just like us! If she didn't' live in Holand, all of us
would be best buds!). After piano was over the Dads came back from spear
fishing and everyone (the whole anchorage except for a few boats) went
ashore for the 5:00 pot luck happy hour. Mommy brought her amazing dip with
some chips. Everyone else brought some amazing stuff too, and we ate so much
that we got back to the boat and didn't eat dinner! Anyways, we met this
other kid boat from Australia that is also going through the canal. We are
going to sail with them through the Pacific, and luckily there is an 11 year
old girl on board named Monica who is really nice. They invited me over to
their boat and tomorrow after school I'm going to go and play Monopoly.
Anyways, after the barbeque we came back to the boat and set up the
Christmas lights. It was really cool, and we set it up like a tree, and hung
it up on the mast. Once we had it up and the lights on, the boat in front of
us cheered. Since they are the "Christmas light boat" we were happy that
they liked our little tree. Time for desert, so I've got to go, bye!

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