Sunday, December 14, 2008

Moons, Stars, Planets and the Weather

As lots of people may already know, Daddy is the San Blas weather man and I
am the astronomer. Every morning Daddy announces the weather on the SSB at
8:30. Then I announce what I found about astronomy later on the net. It's
really fun, and one person complimented me this morning. It was also really
funny because when people were talking about leaving the island they are at
and going to another one they would always say "....if Tom thinks that the
weather will be okay, and we'll have a fast trip."It was hysterical! Zen is
now the boat to know if you need info (hahaha it rimes!). Anyways, now there
is four kid boats here! Monkey Feet, Anemos, Migo, and Someday Came! There
is only two girls my age, but the boys are nice too. Yesterday really
reminded me of a day in Prickly Bay, Grenada. The first thing I did when I
woke up was run upstairs and grab a piece of Kuna bread with cinnamon for
breakfast (the Kuna bread is amazing!). Then the net came on and I announced
that there would be two upcoming meteor showers (December 14 and January 3).
At around 8:45 I started school. Right before lunch (11:00) I jumped in the
water and swam to Migo with my string so that we could make bracelets
together. Joanna said that she would love to make bracelets, and since I
have lots of string we just used mine. Soon Sophia (her mom) said that she
would be making pasta for lunch and asked if I wanted to stay and eat with
them. I really wanted too, so I called Mommy on the radio. She said that I
could, so soon I was eating this amazing pasta with some type of fish. It
was so good! After lunch Joanna and I finished our bracelets and Blake from
Monkey Feet came by to escape from the littler kids for a while. So
Jonathans' (her brother) decided that we should all play cards. We all
decided that that was a good idea since Jonathan has trouble walking (he has
a disability). After playing lots of different card games we all got bored.
Jonathan watched a movie and Blake, Joanna and I played tag in the water. It
was really, really fun since Joanna kept on tricking Blake to the point
where he had no clue who was it. Just as we were about to get out of the
water Cole and Mommy came by in the dinghy. Cole asked us if he could join
us since he was all alone on Zen (he was on Monkey Feet, but the younger two
boys wanted to go back to their boat so Cole came to Migo). We were happy
that he came because now we had enough people to play a really fun card game
called squares. At around 4:30 Joanna said that she wondered when her
parents were coming back since a boat they knew was coming over to their
boat at 5:00 for dinner. Just as she spoke her parents came back in the
dinghy. I decided that since they had guests coming over in half and hour
that we should probably leave. So Blake took Cole and I back in his dinghy.
Dinner was bananas foster, French toast sticks, pineapple, raspberry juice,
scrambled eggs and bagels. It was really yummy! After Cole and I finished
washing the dishes we all sat down at the table with pop-corn to watch the
movie Master and Commander. It was a really cool movie, but some parts were
really gross. I'm going to go pick up Joanna and see if she wants to come
over. Bye!

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