Monday, October 27, 2008

The Daily Cammi News

Hi everybody! Today I have lots of news. Number one: It's Mommy and Daddy's
anniversary on the 12th, and my piano happened to have the song they walked
down the aisle to when they got married, called Joy of Man. So, I'm going to
memorize the song and play it for them. They already know that I'm going to
play it, because they heard me practicing it, and asked if that's what I was
going to play for them. Oh well. I already know the right hand part, and I'm
working on the left.
Number two: When Caroline was over yesterday, I was teaching her the song
Titanic (I's one of her favorite songs). When she got bored I asked her if
she wanted to go through the pianos' memory and see if she knew any of the
songs on her violin. Luckily, we found one. I forget the name, but I know
that it is really hard and will take me a while to learn it.
Number three: After two days of yuck and rain, we finally have a sunny day!
The water is turquoise from the white sand, the sky is blue and there is a
beautiful breeze which makes the mosquitoes go away (note to self-that is
another thing to talk about). Also, this means that we have the possibility
of going wind scurfing, knee boarding (scurfing on your knees, on a
different type of board with special spots on it for your knees), tubing, or
spinnaker flying (when the spinnaker (the biggest sail on the boat that you
use when going downwind) is attached to a harness and you are attached to
the harness and then the spinnaker is left to fly off the back of the boat,
and it brings you really high).
Number four: Today we are leaving the outside anchorage and are going to an
anchorage 2 hours away (still part of Roques). This is where we might be
able to do all those awesome activities with Someday Came.
Number five: I have finally figured out what I'm going to be for
Halloween......................a Who! A Who is a character in the Dr. Sues
musical, Suesical (I don't know if I spelled that right). They are the tiny
people who live on a speck of dust. Horton the elephant finds them and tries
to protect them. He gets in all sorts of trouble, but still saves the
Whoville. I was a Who in the Summer camp I did called Camp Broadway in 2007.
The idea is that we are going to be a Who family. I'm going to wear a bright
magenta short sleeve, long shirt, a lime green tank top over that, and neon
blue shorts as my costume. I'm also going to put my hair up really crazy
with bright and colorful elastics. I can't wait for Halloween!
Number six: Yesterday, after dinner, Someday Came took their dinghy over to
watch a movie and have pop-corn with us. The kids ended up watching a movie
called Blank Check and the adults watched another movie. I really liked the
movie it was about a kid who got a blank check and filled it out for
$1,000,000 dollars. Then he spent it all by buying this huge house, and any
other toys he wanted. He pulled it off by pretending that he was working for
this guy called Macintosh, when he was Macintosh. It was really cool.
Number seven: A couple days ago I started a list of all the books I've read
so far on the computer. I figured that if I had a list of all the books I
read, then when looking for other books, I would know the authors of the
really good books I've already read.
Well, Daddy is working on the bow sprit, Cole is going back and forth from
helping Daddy to lying down on the saloon couch, and Mommy is doing laundry.
I'm off to practice Joy of Man, bye!


Anonymous said...

We LOVE the daily Cammi chronicles!! Keep 'em coming! Maybe we could get the Cole report too.......hint hint hint!
Love, The Dunns

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi, sorry I could not post a note on your last two blogs, but they were, as usual, truly amazing and so much fun to read. A slight correction on the name of the song that you are rehearsing for Mommy & Daddy's anniversary....It is titled "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". It is a beautiful piece and I am so happy to hear that you are still playing and enjoying the piano. Are ther any special songs that you would like to have music for? Your costume for Halloween sound outrageous!!!Keep the news coming!
Love, Nonna