Friday, October 31, 2008

Finally in Bonaire

Trick-or-treat, and happy Halloween!
Hello, and welcome to Bonaire (a.k.a. Grandma Heaven...I'll talk about this
later). It is now 1:45 and we are just rounding the very point of the
island. Oh cool, Daddy just pointed out some really cool red, white and
orange statue things on the shore. Here is the story of them: hundreds of
years ago, ships would come in to the land to harvest salt from the island.
When they saw the orange, white and red person-tall pyramids on the shore,
they knew where they could anchor. Next to the pyramids were tiny little
houses. These were for the slaves that came from the mainland. They walked
seven hours to go to work on Monday, and back to their homes on Friday to
get the weekend off. But before they left, the ships would go to a huge
conveyor belt-looking-like thing to get the salt on board the ship. Then off
they went to deliver it somewhere. Cool huh? Okay, so I know you want to
know why I call Bonaire Grandma Heaven right? Here is the answer: As we
started to round the corner we saw huge mounds of what looked like perfect,
white sand. This was not true. Daddy and Mommy soon told us that the
mountains of 'stuff' was all salt. Okay, still doesn't make sense right?
Well, Grandma loves salt. Anyways, Mommy said that parts of the island were
totally devoted to getting the salt, while others are quite cosmopolitan.
Ooh! We are just passing some mountains of salt now. They are pure white,
and almost perfect triangles. There is about seven different piles, but only
two are really big. Wow, I can even see trucks taking the salt from place to
place. This is really cool! Now we are rounding another corner, and I can
see the cosmopolitan part of the island. The hills are covered in bright
colors which I'm guessing are houses and buildings. There even seems to be a
small city. Okay, enough with Bonaire, we're moving on to Someday Came. They
were keeping up with us well until they caught another sail fish! This one,
they said, was the biggest fish they ever got on board, and was a whopping
six feet long! This one they got pictures of and we can't wait to see them.
Sad but true though, was that after catching the fish they slowed down and
disappeared on the horizon. Oh well, Daddy says they will most likely arrive
at the anchorage around 5 to 6:00 tonight, which will still give us plenty
of time for our party. Oh, I forgot! We are going to have a party with
Someday Came tonight for Halloween. Someday Came is making cake, and
gingerbread cookies and Mommy, Cole and I are going to make brownies and
Mommy's famous home-made pizza. We are all going to wear our costumes, and
will probably meet up on Zen to eat the goodies. After dinner we are going
to jump in the dinghy and go to each boat to trick-or-treat. We also have
lights that we decorated the boat with for Christmas last year that we might
use tonight. Oh and Cole is going to be Tom Brady from the Patriots. He has
a great costume, but we are not sure what knee he blew out, so we are just
going to wrap up his right. It should be very funny. Okay, after Halloween
fun is over (tomorrow), we are going to explore the island to find a diving
place where one of our friends on a boat named Constance told me to go to
get certified for diving. I'm really excited. The people said that it takes
3-5 days to get certified which is a perfect amount of time. Also, Bonaire
has a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)! I know it isn't the best restaurant in
the world, but since Cole and I haven't had it so long, we are very excited
to go there, and see what it is like (I hope that they have the same food as
back at home). So now we are fully engulfed in the waterfront town, and it
looks a lot like the island Antigua. The chart says 15 minutes and 7 seconds
until we arrive at the anchorage/marina. Yippee! I'm going to go sit on the
bow. Bye!

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting blog, Cammi. Where did Daddy get all that information about the salt, slaves and statues? What a fabulous education you are getting! Does the salt triangles look anything like the pyramids of Egypt? It is quite a coincidence that I had dinner with Bud this evening at Outback and one of the waiters was in costume dressed as Tom Brady. By now the Halloween festivites and trick or treating is over....I hope you and Cole had a wonderful time with the Someday Came crew.
Love to you and all,

Anonymous said...

hi hi
cam i miss you . happy halloween! i wish you could have come with me trick or treatig but trick or treating to boat to boat sounds fun. for halloween i was a yellow m&m !
i miss you so much when are you coming back
love lu