Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Los Roques to the Aves and Soon to Bonaire

So today we left Los Roques and we just arrived in the Aves. Someday Came
and us both decided that since the bug issue in Roques was no better at any
anchorage (the mosquitoes were horrible and would swarm the back deck
starting at 4:00 pm), we would leave for the Aves and then onto Bonaire
tomorrow since the people there speak English (yippee! English speaking
people!)and celebrate Halloween (Trick-or-treating here we come!). Anyways,
we left at around 8:30 this morning and put up our Code Zero sail (kind of
like the spinnaker). Someday Came left a little bit after us and so we
weren't able to sail next to them as I had hoped. Oh well. The sail was
about six hours long, and we just arrived at 2:30. Someday Came is behind us
because they caught a fish called a sail fish (?). They had to turn around
and....OH MY GOODNESS HERE THEY COME! Oh yeah, so they had to turn the boat
around into the wind to try to reel in the fish to take pictures because
they said that it too big to catch and eat. Daddy says that most sail fish
are 8-10 feet long. I know that this blog was not very interesting, but I
didn't know what to do so I decided to write this. Oh wait, I have something
somewhat interesting! I changed my costume idea. I'm going to wear a really
colorful bathing suit top, and a couple of Mommy's colorful scarf/bandanas
to wrap around my stomach. I'm going to wear the same bottoms though, and I
might make colorful patches of cloth and sow them to the shorts as pockets
or patches. It's going to be so much fun! I think I'll go swimming. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Cammi! I hope you have pictures of the sailfish that the crew on Someday Came caught. They are really beautiful as they "fly" out of the water! I have never seen one, but have seen pictures and they are BIG! Have a really happy Halloween. I will be missing going shopping for your costume with you.
Love you tons,
P.S. Please tell Cole I am missing hearing from him on his blog. I hope I get a Halloween blog from him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Cammi! I am really going to miss sharing your Halloween candy with you and Cole this year!

Miss Erika

P.S. We dressed Stella up as a spider for Halloween and she was a hit all over town!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!!!
Post pictures of you and your brother - can't wait to see your costumes and hear about your trick or treating adventures!