Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tortuga , a Little Island and Roques

The day before yesterday we arrived in Tortuga. The original plan was to
sail with Someday Came to Tortuga, and then to Roques a couple days later.
Well, Someday Came had some problems, and so they had to wait an extra 2
days. Caroline and I are very sad that we couldn't sail next to each other.
Well, when we got to Tortuga, we weren't attacked by bugs like we were last
time, but they didn't disappear completely. That night we decided that we
probably wanted to leave on Thursday, early in the morning, to go to Roques
because of the bugs. The next morning we discovered that there was a bunch
of other boats from PLC that we know, and are going to take almost the same
path as us to Roques. After talking with a boat called Living the Dream on
the VHF for a while, we found out that they, and another boat called Migo,
are going to a little island only 10 miles away to shorten the length of our
trip to Roques. So that evening us, Migo, Living the Dream and a bunch of
other boats headed out for the little island. We left a little bit later
than our friends, but we saw two other cats up in front of us. As our speed
picked up to 9 knots, we started to gain on the two boats. Before we knew
it, it became a race to see which boat could put its anchor down first at
the little island. As we flew by the two boats, I realized that I knew the
girl on the "yellow cat". Cool, I thought, we might be able to sail with
them. All of a sudden, my casual parents turned into racers and we pulled
the main down in about 5 seconds (not really, but you get the point). Next
we weaved our way through the reefs and dropped the anchor in the first spot
we found. Yes! We made it! As I looked around at the anchorage I saw an
American flag on a boat for the first time in a while. Also, there was some
people wake boarding and swimmers going from boat to boat. "This is really
nice", I thought "to bad we have to leave at 2:00 tomorrow morning". And
yes, we did leave at 2:00 this morning. Since the anchor is pulled up right
next to my head, I also woke up at 2:00 this morning. Luckily though, I fell
back asleep once we got under way. Our trip was supposed to be a 12 hour
trip, but ended up to be a 10 and a half hour trip because of the high
winds. We arrived at around 12:45, and had lunch right after putting the
anchor down behind a little island and next to two other boats. One freaky
part though, is the wreck of what looks like an old, wooden, fishing boat.
It's bow is high out of the water and its' stern is totally sunken in the
reef. It looks very weathered, and really creepy. Well, now I am drinking
Grenadian coco tea, Daddy and Cole are swimming, and Mommy is making dough
for home-made pizza tonight (my request). Hope all is well at home, bye!

Caroline-hope you had a great trip from PLC to here. If you didn't like it,
the water here will make up for it.

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