Thursday, October 23, 2008

To the Rainforest!

So a couple days ago we did yet another adventure with Jorge and Male.
Except that this adventure was a little different though. Luna, Jorge and
Males' deaf Dalmatian would be coming with us. After getting picked up at
9:30 a.m. we drove to the mountain called Santa Fay. The drive was probably
an hour and a half or so to get to Santa Fay. Once at the foot of the
mountain it was another hour to the top. Finally, we made it! The view from
the top of the mountain was absolutely amazing, and we could see all the way
to Margarita. When we finished looking at the view we drove about five
minutes to a restaurant/zoo/place where they give tours. As we drove up we
saw a monkey, about a foot long, holding onto a girl's leg. It was so
adorable and was a reddish orange color. Then a person from came out and
opened the gate for us. Once we were in the place, Jorge went up to a worker
who gives tours and asked what tours there were. They talked in Spanish for
a while, and then came to a conclusion. The idea was to go to the river and
three waterfalls. Yes, Luna would come on the hike too. So we headed out
onto the road to get to the trail. It started as a really easy little path.
It was very green, and had lots of purple, pink and orange flowers. As we
got farther into the rainforest it became a little bit harder. Now there
were big logs to go under and over. After 20 minutes of walking we could
hear the river. Now, this whole time Luna would run ahead, and then come
back to make sure everyone was following. When we heard the river though,
Luna ran ahead and didn't come bounding back. When we got to the river 2
minutes later we found Luna taking a bath in the shallow river. We all
laughed and walked around in the river that was only ankle deep. Then our
tour guide told us that we had to keep going. Okay we said and got out of
the river and back on the path. Now we were walking either uphill or
downhill, there was no in between. We then came to a spot where there was
two paths. The tour guide then asked if we wanted to take the long way and
see more or the short way. Of course, we chose the long way. Soon enough, we
saw a really cool waterfall. Our tour guide walked right up the side and
threw down a rope. Since I was first in line, I was first to climb up. I
grabbed the rope and the vines and climbed to the top. After each person
went, we had to get Luna up. So Jorge went down and pushed Luna up the
rocks. It was quite the sight. After climbing up another waterfall, we came
to a falls, no one wanted to climb. It started in a pool a couple feet deep
at the bottom. Then it went up and up and up...............then at the top
it slanted outwards! It was really cool. After we swam in the pool for a
while, we got onto the path (luckily, we didn't have to climb the waterfall)
and started our uphill hike back to the restaurant/zoo/place where they give
tours. About five minutes into our hike, it started to rain. Big surprise
for a rainforest right? Well, I (lucky me) wore my heaviest tank top. When
we finally got back to the zoo place, everyone was completely drenched.
Since it was around 1:00, we sat down to have lunch. Since we were all wet,
Jorge came up with the wonderful idea to get us all blankets. They were
really soft, and definitely kept us dry. After a really good lunch of
chicken, French fries and salad, we jumped in the car and headed home. But,
the journey doesn't end there. When we got back to the town, Male pulled
into a restaurant thing, and bought everyone a drink called a coco frio
(frio is cold in Spanish). It was amazing. It was made up of basically
coconut, ice and a little bit of condensed milk. I loved it. It was really
filling though, so I only had about half of it, and gave Daddy the rest.
After coco frio, we went back to the boat. It was a really fun day.


Anonymous said...

So cool I wish I was there but I will be in Africa on Wednesday!!!!!!!!! Guess Who!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hint starts with a T and ends with a y and has an or in the middle. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Cammi~
I have been reading your blog entries to my students and they absolutely love them! I love sharing your stories because the adventures are so wonderful and your writing is so detailed and well written. I can not believe how much you have grown up!! Give Cole a hug for me...I miss you guys so much!
Miss Erika