Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three Really Good Books-part 2

Okay, so I finished book 3 of the Ember series yesterday, but I didn't have any time to write the blog.  Here is a quick summery for anyone interested in the series.
Book 3-The Prophet of Yonwood
This book is a prequel of The People of Sparks. It is about a girl named Nickie, and her life when she was 11. It was the time in the story right before the "disaster". It isn't as good as the first two books, and not nearly as interesting. I was hoping that it would be about the "disaster" but it wasn't. Oh yeah, the prophet of Yonwood, California was am old woman named Althea Towers. Althea saw into the future from a vision, and became sick for a very long time. She would mumble things such as "no sinnies" which people thought meant no sinners. This actually meant no cities, because in her vision she saw the world on fire with no cities. That is about as interesting as it gets.
 I read it because I didn't have anything else to read. Oh well, there are other books in this world that I can read. Caroline is sick today, so I am doing school by myself tomorrow. Gotta go, bye!

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