Friday, October 17, 2008

Three Really Good Books

So, we are still in PLC, and it is "Africa hot" as Daddy says. Luckily, there is a nice pool that me, Cole, and Caroline go to together every day after school at the Zen academy. Yes, Caroline is doing school with us, at Zen, every morning!! It is really fun, and we get to do awesome projects now that there is more than one person in my grade. Anyways, to the book topic. Caroline brought me two books that are really cool. They are part of a series so, here is a quick summery of each book.

Book 1-The City of Ember

The city of Ember is a city that is underground. It was built because the human race was in danger, and so we had to find another place to live. The book is about how Ember was starting to run out of supplies, electricity, and food. The two main characters, Lina and Doon, are really good friends and both love adventure. One day, after a "black-out" (when all the electricity goes away for a couple minutes), Lina finds directions on how to get out of Ember. So, she and Doon set out to decode the directions and try to get out of Ember. When they successfully escape, Lina wrote legible instructions, and dropped it into Ember. 

Book 2-The People of Sparks

After the people of Ember arrive in the real world, they come up to find out that there is nothing in sight. No people, villages, or cars, although they did see a road. The road leads to a small town called Sparks. Sparks is an old fashioned village, in the future. This means that they had no electricity, running water, or sewage. The Emberities soon found out from the Sparks that there had been something called "the disaster". This was when there was three plagues and four wars, and it almost wiped out human race. The only things left from how we live now are toys. When the 417 Emberities enter the village, the Sparks are terrified. They haven't seen so many people their whole lives, and don't know what to do with them. They are forced to all live together, and this doesn't go over well. The Sparks treat the Emberities horribly, and so the Emberities decide to fight back. Since there is nothing around the village, the Emberities decide that they can't go and must make peace with the Sparks so that they can stay in the small village. After a huge explosion, Lina and Doon, help to save the Sparks town from being burnt down. The Sparks realize that without Lina and Doon, their city would be destroyed, and so they decided that the Emberities were allowed to stay.

Book 3-The Prophet of Yonwood

This is the book I am reading so I can't explain it yet, but it is about the "disaster" I told you about in book 2. Once I finish it, I'll give you a quick summery of it.



Well that's all for now. We're off with one of Daddy's friends who is going to take us out to dinner. I'm really excited. The people are really nice, and are designing an amazing boat. Gotta go, Bye!
ps. Darlene-I think Kak might need these books before Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi Cay,
Nonna here. Loved your book reports. Is this a triolgy (three books) or are there any more after the Prophet of Yonwood? They almost sound similar to when I was a teenager like you in that some people had bomb shelters under the ground in case the U.S. experienced a nuclear attack from another country. Glad you have another student (Caroline) in your class at the Zen Academy. Do you ever attend class at Someday Came?
Love you tons, and love you more, Cole,
Nonna xxxxxxoooooo