Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Past Two or Three Days

Yesterday I went to my first beach fire! It was so much fun. After
snorkeling with Indi, we went to another boat with kids we know called Free
Will, to ask if they wanted to come help us find fire wood on the beach. The
kids said they would, so we all went ashore. Collecting the wood lasted only
about 20 minutes before we all decided to go swimming. After we went back to
our boats, we had dinner and then went to light the fire. We brought candy
necklaces for all the kids, paper plates, and a torch to light the fire.
Indi brought marshmallows!! The marshmallows were so good! We all ran
around the beach and looked for sticks as we waited for the fire to cool
down a bit. Once we all had a stick, we feasted on marshmallows and candy
necklaces. We had hoped that more boats would come, but it ended up to be
only the boats that helped look for fire wood: us, Indi and Free Will. After
we finished the marshmallows, we went on a hunt for huge hermit crabs (not
to catch them). They were really cool. We found about three on the beach.
The fire ended when the rain came, and everyone had to run to their boats to
shut hatches, but it was really fun.

We met two other boats! We met them in Blanquilla, since that's still where
we are. They are both French and have one kid aboard. A 4 year-old girl,
named Dune lives on Igloo, and an 11 year-old boy named Remy, lives on
another boat (I don't know how to spell or pronounce the name). Neither kid
speaks much English and Cole and I only speak a tiny bit of French, but we
can understand each other. Another catamaran with kids on it came in a
couple days ago, and we are probably going to invite them to go tubing with
us today. We haven't met them yet.

The weather has been kind of yucky the past two days, but it looks as if it
is clearing up today. Daddy and Otis from Indi, caught a lobster two days
ago! It was small, but really yummy. We made lobster salad, and split it in
half between the two boats. Daddy and Otis tried to catch another one
yesterday, but had no luck. The idea was that it could be a snack before the
beach fire, but that never happened. Mommy's making pancakes this morning.
Yummy! I've got to go eat breakfast. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cam,
The beach fire sounds like a blast!! I love roasted marshmallows and wish it was still beach weather here but its quickly becoming apple picking - football - sweater weather here! We even have to pull the boat out of the water on Wednesday :(
Your blogging has been awesome - you are becoming quite the writer!
Love you and miss you!!
XO to you and the crew of Zen.
Kathi and the crew of Yale Street

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,
Thank Heavens for your blogging! You keep me in touch with your activities and I love to hear your stories. I would give anything to have marshallows in my bathing suit on a beach right about now. The leaves are falling and some mornings you can see your breath. How's Mommy, Cole and Daddy doing? Give them all an extra tight hug from me. Love you, kiddo! Nonna

Anonymous said...

Hello Cammi,
Your blogs are very entertaining and loaded with detail. What an amazing experience you are having with your family and new friends. Say hello to Mom and Dad!
Auntie Tonya