Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Interesting Visit to a Storm-2

These rules are for anyone who has never been on a power boat (or cat) that doesn't have a roof, or any living area.
Rule #1-Always wear sunglasses or glasses of some sort (if you wanted to get really funky you could wear those science goggle things)
Example-Picture yourself going down the highway, in a convertible at 60 MPH, with no wind shield. You would want glasses so that you eyes can stay open. Due to the wind, your eyes are either fully open or closed tight without glasses.
Rule #2-Hold on for dear life
Example-When we were going 60 MPH, if you didn't hold on, you would fly away! Especially when you are on the side of a huge storm, with 40 kts. of wind, and waves too. Oh, and less important, when Cole is driving (which did happen).
Rule #3-Go at full throttle the whole time
Example-When you need to go somewhere, it makes more sense to go fast. Such as when you are tyring to get back to land without getting hit by a really big storm.
Rule #4-Never be scared
Example-If you become scared, you will probably let go, and think of other things you could be doing. Oh yeah, and then you would break rule #2.
Okay, so now I will tell you the story of the ride in the power cat. So, when we got on the cat, Jorge told Cole and I to get on the bow and pull out the line that is around the cleat, and attached to the mooring in front of us. Once outside the dock area, Daddy looked at Cole and I, and said "wow, it's really calm today, it will be nice to test this ride out". So as we accelerated through the harbour, a storm was working it's was to PLC. Well, we got up to 60 MPH and zoomed past Jorges' friends on their boat. It was really funny to be on a really fast power boat, going really fast by a sailboat. After circling the sailboat we saw the huge storm coming at us. Since the storm was kind of far away, Jorge decided to take us to a really cool island. He pulled the boat inches away from jagged rock, and told us to get off and look in the cave. So I hopped off, then Cole, the Daddy. Jorge stayed on the boat and went back and forth as we checked out this really cool cave. It was a really deep pool of water that was surrounded by really tall rocks. The water must have been 50 feet deep, but you couldn't see the bottom. So after we saw the cave, we came around the little island and saw that the storm was very close now, and we had to run from the rain. So we decided to go to the outside of the storm, away from the land. We then saw that one storm, had turned into two. So we ended up getting half way to Margarita, an island about 50 miles away from Venezuela. When we went around to the far side of the storm, we all wished that we had gone closer to land. It looked like a 30 minute ride would turn out to be a 2 hour storm dodger. After arriving around the storm, we started to feel the 40 knts. of wind turn cold. Daddy said that the bigger the temperature difference in the wind, the bigger the storm. Well, to explain the difference, I got cold. Even with the spray in my face, rain, 35 kts. of wind, and waves, I never once regretted going. Finally, we could see land again, and the wind died. Jorge then took us to a really cool spot with over 20 power boats inside it. After a quick tour of that, he asked me if I wanted to drive the boat. "No" I said. Well he really wanted me to drive, so he kept asking and asking. Thankfully Daddy jumped in and said "that's okay you don't have to drive if you don't want to". Then he asked if he could drive, and so Daddy drove us back to the PLC dock. After we got back, we waited for Mommy to arrive, and had a really good dinner. 
Well Daddy is working in the engine room, Cole is reading his book for school, and Mommy is eating cereal on our back table. That's all for today, bye!  


Anonymous said...

hi everybody. It's Cammi. Sorry about the yellow letters. I forgot to change it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi, couldn't wait to get back from church to receive the second part of this was certainly worth waiting for. You are an amazing writer! I love your style (i.e. the examples you gave). Your blogs are so full of color and dynamics that you make the experience come alive. I think you might be finding a vocation in life.
Love and miss you and the rest of the Zen crew,
Nonna xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi,
What a great story!! Your writing gets better and better - I can close my eyes and imagine being there! Would have LOVED to see your faces!! Keep up the awesome postings!