Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Los Roques

So right now Someday Came and us are in a little cove with two other
sailboats and a yacht. We came here yesterday because of the horrible role
in the other anchorage. Although we are a catamaran, the role was still
pushing us from side to side, and back and forth. It got so bad one time
that I fell backwards into the table when the boat pulled really hard on the
anchor. So after school and lunch was over we headed out. Oh and guess what?
Caroline got to come with us on our hour sail, and we watched her movie
called Princess Diaries! It was a really good movie and by the time the
movie was over, the anchor was down and we were ready to swim, knee board,
or tube for the rest of the day (it was about 3:00). So we pumped up the
tube while Mommy and Daddy went to check out the depth of the water and find
good spots to "tear us around". When they came back they took a quick run to
Someday Came and asked if we could use the knee board, and if anyone wanted
to come. Shannon jumped in the dinghy with the knee board, tow rope and
snorkeling gear (?) and they came back to Zen. Daddy then told me to grab
our snorkeling gear and put the board and tow rope on the deck (hmm, didn't
know we were going snorkeling). After a 45 minute lobster hunt at this pool
thing surrounded by corral, it was 5:00. It wasn't very interesting, but we
did get a little, tiny lobster. We decided that it was kind of late now and
we only got to tube for two turns each. Oh well, I was hoping we could knee
board, but I guess that will happen today. I'm just glad that there is no
more rolling. Gotta go do school, bye!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm the first one to comment on this blog! As you can see, Cammi, I check in many times a day looking for some news from you. You guys look wonderful, happy and very tanned!!!! Keep the pictures and the news coming. I love traveling with you (without the rolling)!
Love you, Nonna xxxxxxxxooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cammi
It's caroline on tigre...
remember me from the aquaruim.
your blog is very cool!